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Pictured is Jehnie Reis, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of history.

Jehnie Reis, Ph.D.
, visiting assistant professor of history, recently authored the article "Debating Indochinese Identity: French Idealism and Interwar Protest at the Cité Universitaire" which was published in the French language scholarly journal Migrance. Migrance is a semi-annual journal dedicated to the history of immigration in France and in Europe.

The idea for Reis' article came from her dissertation, which focused on the treatment and perception of foreign university students in Paris between World War I and World War II.

"My article also brought together themes that are pertinent in France today. One of the biggest issues the French are debating is the question of identity: what does it mean to be French? Exploring the past helps to make sense of why France looks the way it does today," explained Reis.

Reis frequently incorporates topics relating to her published research articles into the history classes she teaches. "We discuss the Vietnam War and the impact of imperialism in the 20th century and use Indochina/Vietnam as an example to understand the historic debates that happened."


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