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Why does intelligence and national security remain a vital career field, even during challenging times like the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Intelligence and national security professionals are most in need during times of unrest and challenge in order to provide our policymakers with correct data and information crucial to accurate and helpful decision making.

The COVID-19 virus poses such a threat so intelligence gathering worldwide is a must in order to accurately predicate its strength, weaknesses and appearances in other nations.

What factors make Point Park University’s intelligence and national security major unique?

Pictured is intelligence and national security alumna Barbara (Arroyo) Morello.
Barbara (Arroyo) Morello '10, emergency
management specialist for FEMA

Several factors regarding our program bring it to the forefront of the Intelligence Community (IC).

  • It not only concerns itself with data analysis, but our program explains the reasons for intelligence, the failures of intelligence and the methods most beneficial to gather intelligence. Other colleges and universities do not address all aspects of intelligence.
  • Our program has been reviewed and rated by members of the IC community as providing education in the field which is the most realistic and vital to national security.

What should prospective students and their parents know about being an intel major at Point Park? 

Students and parents should be aware that our program has been vetted by the Intelligence Community and that our students are actively sought after for positions in the field by the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Supreme Court Police and myriad of other IC agencies. 

Our reputation proceeds itself in this field — and our classes offer the most up-to-date intelligence methods and purposes. Additionally, we have an intelligence club call the Society for Intelligence and National Security (SINS), which is well known and recognized by the Intelligence Community.

Pictured is intelligence alumnus Thaddeus Covaleski.
Thaddeus Covaleski '15, police officer for
the U.S. Supreme Court

Where have graduates of your program landed internships and jobs?

Point Park University intelligence and national security majors are sought after for many internships, most of which turn into full-time employment for the students by agencies such as the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI and other non-governmental security businesses.

How are students made career-ready for the intelligence and national security field?

Our Point Park intelligence and national security graduates receive education and skills recognized by Intelligence Community professionals as the best in the country.

Our students are taught by highly-skilled professors, most of whom have served in the IC field, so they get not only the educational side of this profession, but also learn from the real-world experience of these former IC professionals.

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