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Pictured is Chanell Britten. Photo by Ethan Stoner.

Photo by Ethan Stoner '26

Meet Chanell Britten '24

Job Title & Employer
Nonprofit legal research intern, The JASON Project
Job Title & Employer
Security intern, Pittsburgh Pirates
Intelligence and National Security-traditional/certificate
Criminal Justice
College Activities
Point Park Women's Soccer, former president of Women in Sports and Events, Women's Soccer Representative for Student Athlete Advisory Committee and the Honors Program
Brockway, Pa.
High School
Brockway Area High School
Dream Job
FBI or CIA agent
Hobbies & Interests
Traveling, watching my boyfriend play on Point Park's baseball team, working at Eddie Merlot's, finding new coffee shops and reading

"I recommend Point Park because of its atmosphere and community. Immediately when you step on campus, it feels like home."

Chanell Britten '24

Tell us about the internships you've completed and what you learned. 

For my first internship, I served as a nonprofit legal research intern at The JASON (Judicial Assistance Serving Our Neighborhoods) Project. It's a nonprofit run by Point Park criminal justice alumnus Mark Thompson that supports people who need assistance navigating the court system. I was part of the organization's first cohort of interns, and I gained a lot of valuable experience. I got to be in the courtroom, taking notes and helping to serve as our clients' advocate during court proceedings. I got firsthand experience, made connections within the Allegheny County Courthouse, and I learned about disparities within our justice system. I learned about what needs to be improved, but I also witnessed types of moments that we don't always hear about, such as instances where defendants are afforded a second chance. 

My second internship came about when I was working in guest services for the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park. I mentioned to the staff that I was studying criminal justice, and I landed an internship in gate security at the underground garage where players enter. I learned about car searches, verifying credentials and what it's like to work with a K9 unit. It was a behind-the-scenes experience and especially fascinating given my passion for sports. I got to work on game days and during special events like the Green Day concert. 

How did Point Park prepare you for these experiences?

The professors in the Department of Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies equipped me with the skills and knowledge I needed to go into each internship with confidence. They served as references during my application processes and helped me make connections in the industry. The coursework in the intelligence and national security program, as well as the criminal justice program, prepared me and ensured that I wasn't blindsided going into either internship. Learning about crime codes, human rights and other key concepts allowed me to execute tasks well. 

Which faculty have had a significant impact on you?

In the Department of Criminal Justice & Intelligence Studies, I appreciate the guidance I've received from Christine Secilia, Ed.D., Sean Elliot Martin, Ph.D. and Richard Linzer, J.D. They make our learning environment feel like it's not just a class; it's an engaging, open discussion. You don’t just sit in front of a presenter and take notes.

Outside of my major, I have received valuable support from Jessica McCort, Ph.D., professor and director of the Honors Program. Honorizing my courses has enhanced my learning experience and challenged me in the best way. Dr. McCort has been there for me to make sure I'm getting the most that I can out of my coursework. 

Because of the positive experience I've had as an undergraduate, I'm staying at Point Park after graduation to pursue my Master of Arts in Intelligence and Global Security. Point Park has allowed me to start taking graduate-level courses already, and I've really enjoyed learning from instructor Jim Hamby so far. I look forward to furthering my education and strengthening my relationships with faculty. 

How has your involvement with athletics enhanced your college experience?

My college experience has been enriched by the people I’ve met in my sport and others. Point Park's student-athletes represent so many different cultures. I’ve learned Spanish because of the connections I've built with my Spanish-speaking classmates. The sports teams form such a bond, and we serve as a support system for each other. I always have someone to lean on when I need it. If I pick up the phone, I know someone will answer.

What do you like about living and learning in Downtown Pittsburgh?

I love the vast opportunities students have access to as we work on building our networks and careers. The city environment we're immersed in allows us to feel like we're in the real world, instead of feeling secluded on a typical college campus. Point Park's urban campus accelerates our personal and professional growth as we acclimate to the real world. I love walking around the city, cheering on the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park, going to Point State Park, exploring the Strip District and getting coffee in Market Square.

Why would you recommend Point Park to a prospective student?

I recommend Point Park because of its atmosphere and community. Immediately when you step on campus, it feels like home. That's why I've chosen to continue my education here in the master's program. It's a safe place, and they offer flexibility to help students achieve their goals.

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