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Pictured is Jenna Petrini Fraser. Photo by Karen Girty

Meet Jenna Fraser

Job Title & Employer
Assistant Principal, North Allegheny School District
School Principal Certification
April 2017
Penn Township, Pa.
High School
Penn-Trafford High School
Now Living In
McCandless, Pa.
Hobbies & Interests
Reading and learning, traveling, exercising and walking my two dogs with my husband Shawn 

"Mrs. Fraser brings a passion for serving students, outstanding interpersonal skills and excellence to the work she does every day. North Allegheny is delighted to welcome Mrs. Fraser back to the district as the assistant principal at North Allegheny Intermediate High School."

Caitlin Ewing, Principal, North Allegheny Intermediate High School

"I always knew I wanted to pursue leadership roles and work with teams to achieve common goals. Point Park has provided me the skill set to see this vision through and has put me in touch with excellent mentors to support me along the way."

Jenna Fraser

How did your principal certificate help you land your current position?

Point Park University has a comprehensive principal certification program that is both rigorous and informative. The networking opportunities are invaluable! Several of my professors were current or past central office administrators and principals from the surrounding Pittsburgh area. Also, the program's course of study has a strong focus on pedagogy and case studies that are current and relevant to today’s educational systems. 

As a former special education teacher within North Allegheny School District, I was able to complete my principalship experiences there at the elementary level and then at Pine Richland High School, for a secondary experience. After completing these internships and securing my certification, I was afforded a lead teacher/acting principal role within a middle school at North Allegheny, rounding out my K-12 administration experiences. 

What factors made you choose our principal certification program?

I had researched several programs before deciding upon Point Park Univeristy. Internships, networking opportunities, course descriptions, the flexibility in delivery methods (in class, hybrid and online) and affordability were huge reasons why I chose Point Park. In addition, at the time, their principal exam completion rate was 98 percent passing! I’m now exploring Point Park's Ed.D. doctoral program and charting my next chapter in higher education.

Also, when I was taking classes in the principal certification program and working as a teacher, I accepted a student teacher from Point Park and was able to get credit toward a class at the University. What a bonus!!!

Describe the teaching styles of our education faculty.

The biggest compliment I can give the education professors and staff was their consistent availability and feedback. Each of my course professors understood that we were both students and full-time working professionals. They stressed the importance of balancing work and family life, which is extremely important to me! I really enjoyed building working relationships with the professors that still continue today.

How do you incorporate what you learned in your grad classes to your role as an administrator?

Making thoughtful decisions based on data and what’s best for kids has always been the core of my educational values. Point Park University’s courses and professors were consistent with my vision. Having the opportunity to complete my principalship in my home district and then prove my skill set to Bethel Park School District and now North Allegheny School District, has been a humbling experience!

Final Thoughts?

As a former basketball and golf college athlete at Seton Hill University, I wasn't unfamiliar with managing my academics with life events (at the time athletics) as I prepared for Point Park's principal certification program and being a full-time teacher. I always knew I wanted to pursue leadership roles and work with teams to achieve common goals. Point Park has provided me the skill set to see this vision through and has put me in touch with excellent mentors to support me along the way.

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