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From Storyburgh to Pink Panther Magazine, a variety of local and national publications have recently published the creative nonfiction and literary journalism work of seven Point Park University students and graduates. 

“In the creative fields, publication is everything. We write to affect the world in some way, be it stimulating affective responses from readers or arguing for some type of larger social change. But for students, publishing is particularly important since it can be the stimulus to keep on writing and, more importantly, revising,” said Chris Girman, Ph.D., assistant professor for the Department of Literary Arts and Social Justice





  • Pictured is student Drew Praskovich. Photo submitted by Praskovich.Drew Praskovich, senior cinema production student from Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts High School

    • “I Heart Chicken” and "If a Tree Falls in Pittsburgh"
    • Published in TABLE , a magazine dedicated to celebrating food, culture and lifestyle in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania




Girman added: I’ve seen the excitement publication generates when student work — much of it begun in the Point Park classroom — actually stares back at them from the newspaper, magazine or online publication. It’s like ‘damn, I can do this!’ That’s the motivation they need.  And here’s the thing: we professional writers feel the same way. To be published means you have (certainly) been rejected first, many times by many places. This helps students to get over the ‘rejection’ phase and keep on submitting their work.”

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