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Meet Louis Schoen

Job Title & Employer
Lead Intern of Office Operations, "The People's Office" Represented by Jake Wheatley Jr.
Job Title & Employer
Partner4Work Youth Engagement Management Intern, Partner4Work
Political Science
Social Justice Studies
April 2021
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High School
Pittsburgh Barack Obama Academy of International Studies 6-12
Now Living In
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dream Job
Global Head of Human Resources at BNY Mellon
Hobbies & Interests

Tarot, yoga, baking, cooking, debating, ceramics and blacksmithing

"During our initial interview, Louis expressed an interest in working to better his community and engaging in work that would give him credible experience with politics, government and community. Louis was very articulate, mature and ready to take on the responsibility of working in a government legislative capacity. It is clear that Louis has been exposed at Point Park University to concepts and theories that help him to come to this experience ready to engage from a vantage point that is primed for putting theory to practice that can be enhanced and built upon."

Dr. Crystaline Barger, D.Min., MSW, manager of youth work experience, Partner4Work

"My favorite part about being a Point Park student is the connections I’ve been able to create. I appreciate the large alumni base who help Point Park graduates and interns."

Louis Schoen

How did you land your internship with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Democratic Caucus?

I landed this amazing opportunity by applying through the national Partner4Work organization to be a participant in their Corporate Learn and Earn program. To get accepted into the Learn and Earn program, I had three rounds of interviews and then two more interviews to receive acceptance at the worksite I was paired with this summer.

What factors made you choose Point Park University and its political science major?

I chose Point Park University because of its convenient location in Downtown Pittsburgh and affordability. With the center of this vibrant city being Point Park's home, I’ve appreciated its location and environment. I chose to become a political science major because of the opportunity to examine and work with minority and politically inefficient communities.

How have our classes and faculty impacted you?

The classes that have impacted me the most with their substance would be Introduction to the Study of Government, Principles of Marketing and Foundations in Social Justice Studies. Instructing these classes very well were Professor Nathan Firestone, Instructor Randy Baird and Dr. Robert Ross. These three faculty members have greatly impacted my learning at Point Park. Another favorite professor I've had is Dr. Channa Newman. 

What has been your favorite experience as a Pioneer so far?

My favorite part about being a Point Park student is the connections I’ve been able to create. I appreciate the large alumni base who help Point Park graduates and interns.

Also, I love meeting people and getting to know them in-depth. You can call me one who psychoanalyzes the great depths of everything to receive complete and total understanding. Everyone has a unique story and I’m simply an individual who loves to listen to people's stories. 

What are your career goals?

See, I am a person who has the tendency to want to do it all so I’ve set forth many career goals for many professional corporate fields. After finishing my political science degree, I plan to do community-led/based development work that is environmentally successful and then move into public transportation council work.

Later, I’d like to move into the human resources field by working for the Allegheny County Human Resources Department at the County Office Building. Ultimately, my goal is to achieve the position of Global Head of Human Resources at BNY Mellon.

Also, in the back of my head, I have the desire to return to Point Park and receive an additional bachelor's degree, this time in business, as well as a master’s degree, to further advance my career.

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