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Pictured is engineering management alumna and industrial engineer, Kenny Casado.

Meet Kenny Casado

Job title: Customer Operations Engineer
BodyMedia, Inc.
Degrees earned:
Master of Science in Engineering Management, Point Park University and bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo
Graduation years:
2010 and 2004
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Now living in:
Pittsburgh, Pa.
I love going to the movies, photography and singing (I am part of the contemporary choir at Saint Benedict the Abbot Catholic Church). Also, I am a new mom of a seven-month-old beautiful baby and my hobby is to play with him all the time I can, and of course take care of my husband as well.

What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?

I can say a few things got me into engineering. First, since I was in middle school I always liked math and knew that engineering involved a lot of math. Second, my older brother studied engineering and I always remember seeing him get together with his study group to solve math problems and I found it very interesting.

Lastly, when I was in high school, representatives from several universities came to visit my school for a career orientation. They explained in detail most of the careers one can choose from, and when they explained what an engineer does, especially industrial engineers, I was convinced. As an industrial engineer, one can contribute to an organization's growth by implementing continuous improvement and cost reductions. I get to work with people on the production floor which fits very well with my outgoing personality.

What factors made you choose Point Park's engineering management program?

Point Park had an affordable tuition program and the Master of Science in Engineering Management program had all the classes I was interested in and more. I also had the chance to take some M.B.A. classes as well.

Also, Point Park welcomed international students, therefore, I knew that the university had a multicultural student and faculty body. It was good to not feel alone and know that other people were having similar experiences as me. Lastly, when I met with some of Point Park's professors at an open house, I found their knowledge very suitable for the classes they taught.

What are your key responsibilities as a customer operations engineer?

I coordinate the launch of new products and manage production inventory, ensure suppliers deliver components on time for launch and make sure all customer needs are met at the time of production.

What was one of your favorite experiences as a graduate student at Point Park?

I had a great experience at Point Park as a student. I met an amazing group of professors and faculty who encouraged me to excel in every class I took. As a Spanish-speaking student, it was a challenge for me to take graduate engineering classes in English but the patience of my professors and classmates made things easier. Point Park has a very good library where I spent most of my time studying and completing projects.

Also, how can I forget the amazing classmates I had? As an international student, I was a minority but that didn't stop my classmates from welcoming me with open arms and for that I am very grateful.

What advice do you have for women pursuing careers in engineering?

I can say that my experience as an engineer has been amazing. The fact that women tend to be more focused, detail-oriented and organized — three important things an engineer must have — makes engineering suitable for women. For those who fear math, know that engineers are trained to think and solve problems (that is why math is in our program) but depending on what path you choose, the math you will use every day in the work field is generally not as hard as what you are facing in the program. I receive a lot of respect from my peers because there are not as many females as males in the engineering field. You will feel great when you get hired because of your capabilities and strengths as a woman.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

My advice to all international students out there whose native language is not English is to enroll in a quality English program before you pursue a career in any field. It's worth the effort and in the end the feeling of seeing your career take off successfully is amazing.



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