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Pictured are graduate education students in the classroom.

Beginning this fall, Point Park University's graduate education department is offering its Master of Arts degree in curriculum and instruction and K-12 principal certificate through off-campus cohort programs geared for teachers and K-12 school personnel.

The M.A. in curriculum and instruction degree program will be offered at Upper St. Clair High School while the K-12 principal certificate will be offered at both Upper St. Clair High School and Propel Braddock Hills High School.

Both of these programs are designed to prepare teachers and education personnel for leadership positions throughout the 21st century.

Students in the M.A. in curriculum and instruction program will gain expertise in developing innovative curriculum for students and the skills to improve the teaching expertise of K-12 teachers. As a result, graduates of the master's program become eligible to seek certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education in order to obtain curriculum supervisory positions.

Point Park's principal certificate program can be completed in as little as one year. This program provides graduates with the course work and practicum experience necessary to apply for certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education in the path to becoming a principal at a K-12 school.

"Our graduate education programs are highly personalized. We really get to know our students and we do not hesitate to make modifications to meet the needs of a diverse group of professionals," said Richard Gutkind, Ph.D., associate professor of education and director of Point Park's graduate education programs. "In addition, our faculty members have all been practitioners. They understand the demands of students and teachers, and they have been successful as practicing professionals. We provide the perfect blend of theory and practice in the design and execution of our classes."

Classes in both programs will be offered in consecutive eight-week cycles, allowing students to focus on one class at a time while still earning six credits per semester. During the summer semester, one class will be offered in an eight-week format while the second class will be taught in an intensive one-week, full-day format to allow for students to have a summer break period.

To learn more, visit the off-campus graduate education cohort programs page.


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