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Pictured is Karly Shorts, psychology alumna named Outstanding Arts and Sciences Senior and University Student Leader. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Meet Karly Shorts

Degree earned: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Behavioral Sciences
Johnstown, Pa.
Now living in:
Pittsburgh, Pa. (Oakland)
College Activities:
Mentor and program assistant for 2 Hours 2 Change Mentoring Partnership, mentor and co-director of Strong Women Strong Girls, orientation leader and assistant coordinator of Pioneer Experience, captain of Point Park Women's Soccer Team and member of Honors Program at Point Park
Internships: KEYS Service Corps, AmeriCorps and Allegheny County Department of Children, Youth and Families
Community service, mentoring and sports

What was your reaction to winning the School of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Senior and University Student Leader awards?

To be honest, my very first reaction was feeling very nervous and shaky! Although this feeling of shakiness continued throughout the ceremony, I did feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to those who have been my bosses, peers, mentors, friends and colleagues over the past four years here at Point Park University. I have grown so much as a student as well as a student leader and I would not be someone worth nominating for either award without their influence and guidance.

Why did you choose to attend Point Park and study psychology?

I chose to attend Point Park and study psychology mainly because of the different concentrations available with the major including forensic, clinical and child psychology. I appreciated the fact that I had options as to what I would like to concentrate in rather than receiving solely a psychology degree.

Describe the teaching style of Point Park's psychology professors.

Psychology professors at Point Park have a number of different teaching styles. You may walk into a class and have a professor who has videos, notes and the usual lecture. On the other hand, you may go into a class where your teacher is walking in and out of the room or crawling into a garbage can in order to help you understand what it is that he or she is teaching. Studying psychology at Point Park has honestly been such a unique and passionate experience and I have my professors to thank for that. No matter the teaching style and how it may be different from the next professor, they all truly love what it is that they are teaching and that shines through in every class I have attended at Point Park.

How do you think Point Park will help you reach your career goals?

I think Point Park will help me to reach my career goals through the many connections I made while in school. I created a number of valuable relationships with staff, faculty and students that I feel will help connect me to other professionals in my field.

What do you recommend to current students to make the most of their time at Point Park?

To make the most of their time, I recommend each student get out and explore the resources that are available to him or her. Point Park is in Downtown Pittsburgh: the middle of a business district, directly adjacent to a cultural district and a short walk in either direction to sports stadiums. There are so many internships, community service opportunities and jobs that are at our fingertips as students of an urban campus, and so many faculty and staff willing to help facilitate these connections. Utilizing these resources is key in making the most of one's time at Point Park.

What's next for you?

My career goals include obtaining a master's degree hopefully within the next one to two years. Until then, I will be on the search for a job that will hopefully provide me with valuable experience in order to make a decision as to what I will study in graduate school.


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