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The Point Park community and general public are invited to participate in a series of workshops conducted by students taking the "Personality Theory" course led by Christina Frasher, psychology adjunct instructor. According to Frasher, the workshops will be both "fun and educational" and will include activities such as asking participants to take shortened personality tests and write poems about their personalities.

Nov. 14

  • Image Interpretation Workshop, 10 a.m., Point Park Café, led by Nialyn Bey, Kevin Antonie, and Carissa Switzer
  • Your Inner Masculine and Feminine Workshop, 1 p.m., West Penn Hall, Room 703, led by Nick Moran and Helena Burgess
  • "Bad Poetry" Workshop, 1:45 p.m., West Penn Hall, Room 703, led by Patrick Morris, Jesse Padjune and Vincent Naglic
  • Personality Traits/The Big Five, 3 p.m., Conestoga Hall common area, led by Bethany Barich, Tayona Little and Lindsey Carey
  • Psychological Shadows Workshop, 3:30 p.m., Point Park library, led by John Goings, Amanda Wenger and Kimberly Turner-Jackson
  • Personality Workshop, 5 p.m., Boulevard Apartments commuting area, led by Miles Zdradzinski, Danielle Dorunda and Mary Dindal

Nov. 15

  • Personality Workshop, 6 p.m., JVH Auditorium, led by Kelsey Bellanca, Ken Heidkamp, and Eleanor Sarfert

For more information about the workshops, contact Christina Frasher at


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