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Current and incoming students taking graduate education courses toward a master's degree or certificate through the education department at Point Park University will receive a tuition discount, beginning in fall semester 2013.

The discounted tuition cost per credit is $520, making tuition for a three-credit class $1,560. This is approximately a 34 percent tuition discount for the master's degree programs and a 24 percent discount for the certificate programs.

"With this tuition discount, Point Park has made a significant contribution to the local community by recognizing that students in this region deserve the most qualified, highly-trained and inspirational teachers and administrators possible," said Richard Gutkind, Ph.D., associate professor of education and director of the education graduate programs at Point Park University.

"A graduate degree or additional certificate is crucial for today's educators to be prepared to meet the needs of students both locally and globally," he added.

For more details on tuition and fees at Point Park for 2013-14, please visit our tuition and fees page.


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