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Pictured is Alina Bigec. Photo by Natalie Caine.

Photo by Natalie Caine '25

Meet Alina Bigec '25

Job Title & Employer
Business Development Assistant Intern, Hapanowicz & Associates Wealth Management
Business Management
College Activities
Point Park Women's Soccer
London, Ontario, Canada
High School
St. Andre Bessette Secondary School
Hobbies & Interests
Soccer, volleyball and traveling

"Point Park is an extremely welcoming environment for international students. Our school may be small in size, but you will find that Point Park hosts students from countries all over the world, and they're here to support you."

Alina Bigec '25

Why did you choose Point Park University?

I chose Point Park University because it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to get an education in a beautiful city with employers at every doorstep. Students here get the benefit of learning in a small classroom environment while having the experience of living in a downtown community.

How did you land your internship with Hapanowicz & Associates Wealth Management?

I landed my internship through the platform Handshakea job and internship search tool offered through the University's Professional Career-Readiness Center. I scanned for internship positions almost every day and maintained an active profile inclusive of all my experiences and activities. In addition, the Professional Career-Readiness Center helped me revise and edit all of my professional documents. 

What are your duties and responsibilities, and what have you learned?

As a business development intern, I led multiple marketing campaigns to attract new clientele and foster relationships with business professionals throughout the Pittsburgh region. My role included developing and maintaining spreadsheets for a variety of office functions, as well as utilizing CRM and financial planning data entry software for specific intern projects. I received exposure to and worked alongside a variety of departments including operations, financial planning and investments. This experience helped enhance my written and oral communication skills in a professional office environment and helped me become a more strategic thinker working amongst deadlines. 

What do you like about Point Park’s Business Management degree program?

The faculty and staff are extremely welcoming and flexible around your schedule. The professors make it their priority to set you up for success post-graduation. I can apply most of my classroom lessons to real-world situations, and I enjoy how hands-on our learning is. I feel confident leveraging my education in almost any interview situation.

How has the Professional Career-Readiness Center made a difference in your education and career readiness?

The Professional Career-Readiness Center has always provided substantial programs and services so students feel prepared and well-equipped in their search for employment. During my time at Point Park, I have attended multiple workshops and speaker events that have allowed me to connect with employers and network with business professionals around Pittsburgh across all industries.

Which staff and faculty members have had a significant impact on you?

Dean Jolin, director of the Professional Career-Readiness Center, has always been extremely attentive and supportive in my journey. He deeply cares for the success of each individual and ensures that all students are confident navigating career opportunities within the city. As my professor for Business Career Prep, Dean helped me align my vision and goals towards a career path in accounting, explore networking opportunities and build a professional brand and profile online that showcase my skills.

As an international student, how would you describe the support you’ve received at Point Park?

Point Park is an extremely welcoming environment for international students. Our school may be small in size, but you will find that Point Park hosts students from countries all over the world, and they're here to support you. The faculty are extremely accommodating and responsive to students' needs or concerns. The international students at this school have formed a tight-knit community. It's like a family. I've never felt uncomfortable or out of place, and I appreciate International Student Services and Enrollment and the department's director, Rebecca Lee, for being so diligent in answering any questions and/or concerns I may have regarding my visa and employment applications.

What do you like about living and learning in Downtown Pittsburgh?

Living in Downtown Pittsburgh has been an absolute pleasure and an experience I would recommend to anyone considering moving to the city. With our school located in the heart of Pittsburgh's Cultural District, there is always an adventure or new activity just around the corner. This urban environment hosts cultures from all around the world and offers a diverse range of food, entertainment and, most importantly, sports teams. Not many students can say that their campus is a 10-minute walk from some of the best stadiums in America.

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