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It's no secret that smartphone use and the applications or "apps" that run on them are dramatically on the rise. According to a recent study by Harris Interactive and, 30 percent of all mobile phone users in the United States - or around 21 million people -- are currently using smartphone apps. In the past several years, more than 300,000 smartphone apps have been created, released, and downloaded nearly 11 billion times, with expectations for this to rise in 2013.

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To help students be ready to meet the current demand for smartphone app development, information technology Professor Fred Kitner, M.S. is offering a course this spring called "Introduction to Android Mobile Development."

The course will focus on Android, the most frequently used smartphone operating system, and its programming style and techniques for application development.

According to Kitner, students should be fluent in Java prior to taking this course. Therefore, the prerequisites for the class are "Introduction to Programming with Java" and "Intermediate Programming."

Research indicates that mobile application development is now responsible for approximately 466,000 jobs throughout the United States.

"Programming is always among the top 10 job opportunities since big companies are often looking to hire mobile developers," remarked Kitner. "This is the way technology is going so there is a real market for this. Now is the time to strike."

Registration for Spring 2013 classes begins Nov. 5. For more information about the course, contact Fred Kitner at 412-392-3949 or


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