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Pictured is Harry Faulk, public administration alumnus and township manager for Elizabeth Township. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Meet Harry R. Faulk

Job title: Township Manager
Employer: Township of Elizabeth, Allegheny County, Pa.
Degrees earned: Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Point Park University, 2014; Associate in Applied Science, Emergency Medical Services, Fairmont State College, 2004
Hometown: Fairmont, W.Va.
High school: Fairmont Senior High School
Now living in: Munhall, Pa.
Hobbies: Movies, fishing, traveling and spending time with family and friends


Harry is now manager of the Borough of Heidelberg. Check out this news article on his appointment to this position.

Why did you decide to pursue a public administration degree from Point Park?

At the time, I was working two jobs and raising a family so the flexibility of the courses offered was my biggest deciding factor for selecting Point Park. I felt as though I had reached the end of the road as a paramedic and wanted to open the door to a brighter future for my family and me. Also, since most of the instructors came from the public safety realm, I knew they would have a better understanding of my hectic schedule.

Did your B.S. degree play a role in helping you become manager of Elizabeth Township?

My B.S. degree played a significant role in me being selected as the manager of Elizabeth Township. My role requires leadership, excellent decision making skills and financial accountability. When you see an applicant who has a degree from Point Park, you know right away they possess these high caliber skills and will lead your organization to new heights.

Tell us about the type of work you do.

I serve at the pleasure of the Elizabeth Township Board of Commissioners. I prepare and ensure fiscal responsibility of a $5.2 million budget and oversee the day-to-day operations of the police department, public works department and administration staff. I ensure that my community is safe, livable and enjoyable for the residents and visitors each and every day. Also, I make certain that my municipality offers the best possible resources to its residents.

What were some of your favorite experiences at Point Park?

My favorite experiences at Point Park were attending classes on campus along with my class trip to Gettysburg. While the majority of my classes were online, I enjoyed, after work, coming to campus to eat dinner and prepare for my evening classes. Point Park has beautiful lobbies that you can sit, relax and watch TV while eating dinner. As for the Gettysburg trip, the three-day adventure was filled with sightseeing, student presentations on various aspects of the battle and of course camaraderie shared throughout the weekend.

Describe the teaching style of the faculty in the public administration program.

The teaching style of the faculty in the public administration program was phenomenal. There is a difference between traditional students and the adult learner. The instructors grasped that difference and knocked it out of the park. They understood that many students have full-time jobs and families.

What are your career goals?

My career goal is to serve the public to the best of my ability and to provide a safe, enjoyable work environment for my co-workers. I personally would like to stay in my current position until I retire. However, I am not afraid to take that proverbial leap of faith when an opportunity presents itself.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Do not be fearful of the unknown and do not be afraid to stray from the plan. I came to Point Park with a goal to advance my career in public safety. Halfway through, I ran for an elected position and now I am a municipal manager. Point Park has been nothing but a positive experience and a perfect fit for me.

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