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Pictured is Nick Supertzi, accounting and business management major, intern for UPMC. | Photo by Shayna Mendez

Meet Nicholas Supertzi

Internship: Finance and Accounting Associate
Employer: UPMC
Majors: Accounting and Business Management
Expected graduation: December 2016
College activities: Student Account Association and played for the Point Park Men's Baseball Team
Scholarships from Point Park: Presidential Scholarship and Grant and School of Business Scholarship
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa (Crafton)
High school: Bishop Canevin High School
Now living in: South Side section of Pittsburgh
Hobbies/interests: Anything Pittsburgh sports related and cooking
LinkedIn: Nicholas Supertzi

"Point Park University has prepared Nick for this role by providing the right course work, enabling him to discuss financial topics and show relevant projects that support his knowledge of accounting and finance."

-- Catherine A. Yunk, CPA, CIA, CFE, CISA, CGMA, UPMC director of audit, compliance and investigations

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"Attending Point Park puts you in the heart of so many corporations, giving you the opportunity to make a lot of connections."

-- Nicholas Supertzi

How did you land your current finance and accounting internship with UPMC?

I have had a handful of jobs over the past few years, but I landed my first internship at Hertz Corporation. After spending summer of 2015 as a manager intern there, I was offered and accepted a job as a manager associate at the company's location in Shadyside. During this time, I had the opportunity to build skills in managing a Fortune 500 company. This helped me to greatly develop my strategic planning skills and focus on achieving key performance indicators set by upper management.

Unlike many accounting majors, I have little interest in working in public accounting. Through classes, my own research and workplace connections I knew I wanted to pursue a career in corporate finance. I have always had a great interest in health care systems so I decided that UPMC could be a great fit for me.

I landed my finance and accounting associate internship position with UPMC (and other positions in the past) by making a memorable connection with the recruiter and sharing significant learning experiences I have acquired inside and outside of the classroom.

What attracted you to Point Park University and its School of Business?

After high school, I spent my first year of college at California University of Pennsylvania, but after injuries from baseball I decided it was time to come closer to home and insert myself into one of the key business hubs on the East Coast. Attending Point Park puts you in the heart of so many major corporations, giving you the opportunity to make a lot of connections.

How have your business classes helped you advance at UPMC?

Unlike many other schools, Point Park has emphasized the use of Microsoft programs such as Excel and Access in the classroom. My accounting and finance classes that have required homework and testing in Excel have put me in front of others in my position in the workplace. Already having a strong understanding of these programs have helped give me a step ahead in the workplace.

What are your goals for your final semester here at Point Park?

I am really looking to finishing up my final semester strong and to begin studying for the CPA exam.

What advice do you have for our freshmen School of Business students?

Take your computer science classes seriously and strive to work with different computer programs. This will continue to be the future of the workplace and it will prove to be so beneficial for you. Show leadership in your specific field and with your company's software, and you will begin to find yourself having that extra edge in the workplace.

What are your career goals?

I am looking forward to continuing my career in the corporate finance department at UPMC, working in internal audit. While working, I am planning on completing my CPA, CIA and CFE certifications. Also, after gaining more work experience, I am hoping to find myself in a management position within UPMC Finance and to continue upward from there.

Photo by Shayna Mendez, a senior photojournalism major


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