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Meet Guillermo Velazquez

Job Title & Employer
Executive Director, Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation
April 2018
Mexico City, Mexico
High School
Polytechnic Institute School of Business
Now Living In
Pittsburgh, Pa. (Mount Washington neighborhood)
Hobbies & Interests
Volunteering with local Latino organizations and salsa, flamenco and Mexican folk dancing

"We originally selected Guillermo as director of special projects due to his prior experience with the local Latino community as well as his extensive background in international business. Our organization has a need to attract and develop Hispanic talent and Guillermo is very well suited to help us achieve that. Since then, he has been promoted to executive director. The skills he gained from earning an M.B.A. will be very helpful in reaching a greater audience to achieve our goals."

Victor H. Diaz, CEO Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation

"Most importantly, having an MBA degree has helped me to discover and develop more potential in myself. I now have more to offer to my employer and to the community I serve."

Guillermo Velazquez

Why did you choose Point Park University for graduate school?

I wanted to focus my MBA degree in global management and Point Park University offered classes in that area. I looked at other schools and I even considered online MBA programs at schools out of state, but I thought it was important to attend on-campus classes since English is my second language.  

Tell us about the work you do for the Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation.

The Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation (PHDC) is a community development organization. As the new executive director, I am responsible for the full operations of the organization. PHDC has been in existence since 2013 and it operates a business incubator in the Beechview neighborhood of Pittsburgh. 

I joined PHDC as director of special projects at the same time I started the MBA program at Point Park. My roles and responsibilities have been essential in starting up the operations and entering PHDC into the Pittsburgh market.

How have your MBA classes helped you?

My MBA classes have helped me to better advise entrepreneurs at the PHDC business incubator in the areas of business development, economics, marketing, finance, cross-cultural business and accounting.

Additionally, the classes have also helped me to develop procedures and strategies for the incubator project. Most importantly, having an MBA degree has helped me to discover and develop more potential in myself. I now have more to offer to my employer and to the community I serve.

What’s your advice for international students considering Point Park?

I advise international students to volunteer for local organizations in their field of study to learn more about how business is conducted here in the United States. Any experience obtained while enrolled in school is important toward gaining future employment. Additionally, volunteering is important for making new connections and friends and maintaining an active professional life.

Final thoughts? 

Point Park is a great university that welcomes foreign-born students. I always felt welcomed by all the professors and the staff. They were always polite and helpful. The professors wanted to make sure the lectures were understood by everyone.

I felt proud graduating from Point Park University. My relatives who came from Mexico were impressed with the venue and the University's Hooding Ceremony.

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