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Pictured is Rebekah Coley, human resource management alumna and professional development specialist at Reed Smith. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Meet Rebekah Coley

Job title: Professional Development Specialist
Reed Smith LLP
Hometown and current residence:
West Mifflin, Pa.
Degrees earned:
Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management, Point Park University and Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, Community College of Allegheny County
Graduation years:
B.S. in 2012 and A.A. in 2010
College Activities and Awards:
University of Pittsburgh Marching Band, Tau Beta Sigma Sorority, Phi Theta Kappa Fraternity, Drama Club, Campus Crusade, Commuter Club, Recipient of Richard B. Tucker Memorial Scholarship, Honors Society, Honorable Mention Recipient at RMU 2010 Spring Honors Conference
Theatre, dance, singing, piano, trumpet, reading, travel, fitness and writing
LinkedIn: Rebekah Coley

Why did you choose Point Park's human resource management program?

I chose Point Park's HR management program for a couple of reasons. First of all, the curriculum fit my academic needs because all of the classes were either foundational business courses or psychology courses. I chose human resource management as a major because I wanted to work on the people side of business. The classes available at Point Park seemed like they would give me the educational background I was looking for and I loved the urban campus. I wanted the opportunity to get real-life work experience as a student since I'd be conveniently located downtown.

How did you land your current position with Reed Smith?

I was fortunate enough to get an internship with Reed Smith LLP during my senior year. The position was posted on Point Park's website through the Career Development Center. For a little over a year, I interned for the firm's human resources professional development department, Reed Smith University. After graduating this past December, I was offered a full-time position.

Describe the teaching style of Point Park's School of Business professors.

Their teaching styles varied from lectures to roundtable discussions. Like a majority of professors at Point Park, many of my instructors had experience working in the field. A lot of them taught classes in addition to their full-time jobs. They shared a variety of real-life experiences during class, as opposed to just reading from a textbook. In addition, many of my classmates were full-time students with part-time internships and jobs. I found that most of the professors were flexible and understanding toward students when it came to these commitments.

How have you incorporated what you learned in the Point Park classroom into your job?

I have definitely incorporated classroom experiences into my first post-graduate job. At Point Park, I received extensive instruction on time management, business etiquette and how to successfully transition from a student to a full-time employee. I was able to acquire these skills through the actual classes, as well as through school-sponsored workshops/fairs and the relationships I built with my peers and teachers.

What are your career goals?

I would like to continue working in the human resources field, particularly in training and professional development. However, I am open to transitioning to a purely academic setting someday. For now, I'm just grateful to be employed in a field I'm interested in and waiting to see where my career path will lead me!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Point Park was definitely the right academic choice for me! The University started preparing me for the real world on my first day of classes. Because of that real-world philosophy, I am happy to say that I've had a smooth transition into adult life since graduation. I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without my professors or the staff at the Career Development Center!


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