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Pictured is IT alum and global network manager for Holtec International, Jonathan Geyer.

Meet Jonathan Geyer

Job Title: Global Network Manager
Holtec International
Ruffs Dale, Pa.
High School:
Southmoreland High School
Now living in:
Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Degree earned:
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Management from Point Park University and Associate in Science in Computer Network Systems from ITT Technical Institute
Graduation years:
2011 and 2008
Spending time with my family, technology and fishing

How did you become a global network manager?

I had been working for Holtec for a few years in their IT department as a systems administrator. Expansion and growth of the company created an opportunity for me to advance into this role as a global network manager and gain more global infrastructure and design responsibilities.

Why did you choose Point Park to complete your bachelor's degree in information technology and management?

Well truthfully, it was planned. After earning my associate's degree I planned on working for some time, but it ended up being longer than I had initially planned. So when time caught up to me I made the commitment to myself to finish out my bachelor's at Point Park. The weekend-only class schedule benefited me as a husband, father and of course as an IT professional. The option to concentrate my degree in information assurance was another determining factor in my choice. I'm very involved in security infrastructure so the theoretical discussions aided in my perception of technologies and incorporating it into our business and the processes we design.

Describe the teaching styles of Point Park's IT professors.

Point Park's professors were very helpful in delivering subject matter that incorporated theoretical expertise into the technical experience I've gathered over the years. Fred Kitner and Joan Mosey were wonderful professors who encouraged communication and great discussions within their classes. They were not the only professors there, but they are at the core of my memories about my education from Point Park. All of the professors at Point Park created a collaborative atmosphere that embodied the education experience one could hope for in college.

What did you like best about Point Park's campus?

The campus seemed so open and lively, even on the weekends when I was there. It gave me a feeling of creativity yet it still harnessed the professional, business-oriented atmosphere that is appealing. Also, the classrooms were sized well. They were large enough for group projects, but you could still have the individual attention from faculty.

What are your future career goals?

Each day brings its own challenges and I welcome learning through new challenges. Right now I'm working on continuing my education through certifications and determining when to consider beginning the master's degree process. In terms of my career, Holtec is a great company and I'm happy to be working here.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

To anyone considering Point Park, take a look at the curriculum and the overall picture Point Park represents. It's a great school and I recommend it for not only the working adult, but also for individuals of ages and backgrounds.


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