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Pictured is MBA alumnus and veteran Joshua Mitchell. Photo submitted by Mitchell.

Meet Joshua Mitchell

Job Title & Employer
CEO and Founder, Improvyze, LLC
August 2017
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High School
Perry Traditional Academy
Now Living In
Allison Park, Pa. (Hampton Township)

"Earning a graduate degree prepared Joshua to prosper professionally. It armed him with tools to complete tasks above and beyond what was asked of him and helped him identify trends to improve strategy. What's unique about Joshua attending Point Park University is that he was able to continue working without missing time while earning his education."

Steven Ham, manager, Federal Aviation Administration

"I have always dreamt of starting my own company and working for myself. A graduate degree from Point Park helped enable me with the educational resources I needed to achieve that goal."

Joshua Mitchell

As a veteran, why did you choose Point Park University for graduate school?

After I decided it was best for me to further my education and attend graduate school, I identified criteria that must be met for me to choose my next University. The school must be regionally accredited, accept Post-9/11 benefits and offer an MBA program that can work with my schedule. Point Park met all of that criteria and I do not regret my decision to attend the University.

Tell us about your work as founder and CEO of Improvyze.

I have always dreamt of starting my own company and working for myself. A graduate degree from Point Park helped enable me with the educational resources I needed to achieve that goal. 

As the CEO of Improvyze, I am responsible for all decisions made, as well as the growth and stability of the company. Still in the startup phase, I am aggressively marketing the company’s services to other businesses, as well as demoing the flagship product, the Student Assessment Risk Score, to school districts across the country.

You need to know all aspects of a business — marketing, finance, accounting and sales — in order to succeed, at least initially when capital is scarce. It’s certainly not easy by any means, but it is very rewarding when you succeed.   

How did the faculty in our MBA program impact you?

I am a very independent person and the military drives that characteristic in its members. Although I did not have much interaction with faculty, I learned quickly that there are no excuses and deadlines are deadlines. This helped make me more responsible and to not procrastinate as much. I had to become more organized, so I knew the deadlines for each class so I could fit them in with at-home responsibilities outside of working hours.

What was good about the experience and faculty’s adherence to deadlines is that it relates well to the workplace because managers assign deadlines to you that must be met.

What are your favorite Point Park grad school memories?

Having a full-time job, it was easiest for me to log on and complete assignments on the go. You also have interactions with fellow students, not only in person (if you so choose), but over Skype, as well. Without such opportunity, I would not have had success. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Nothing in life is easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Everyone can. Set your goals and work toward them knowing it’s a marathon and not a sprint. We will all face adversity in our lives. Get back up after you’ve fallen and try harder. Success will eventually come with hard work. Your education is only one step towards success.

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