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Pictured is M.B.A. alumna Camille Reed, BA consultants and vice president at BNY Mellon. | Photo by Shayna Mendez

Meet Camille Reed

Job title: Vice President and Business Analytics Consultant
Employer: The Bank of New York Mellon
Degrees earned: M.B.A. with an international business concentration, Point Park University, 2016; B.S. in Mathematics/Economics, University of Pittsburgh, 2009
Scholarship from Point Park: Grant recipient for academic merit
Hometown and current residence: Pitcairn, Pa.
High school: Gateway Senior High School
Hobbies/interests: Pittsburgh Leadership Team member and head of mentoring program for BNY Mellon's IMPACT Network and Leadership OnBoard participant for Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
LinkedIn: Camille Reed

"Camille is a take charge person who is able to present and implement creative ideas. I believe Point Park's M.B.A. program prepared Camille for her current role leading and managing international and domestic U.S. project teams."

-- Yesenia Jimenez, vice president, application platform and services, BNY Mellon
"I loved my Point Park University professors! Their greatest strength was in their ability to share and relate their professional and global experiences to the class material."

-- Camille Reed

How has your M.B.A. degree helped you excel at BNY Mellon?

Even before graduating, I recognized immediate rewards from the M.B.A. classes I was taking at Point Park University. Being an employee of one of the largest global financial institutions presents an obvious case for needing to understand the global financial climate.

The M.B.A. professors at Point Park University were consistent in emphasizing to students to be aware of global events and to understand the impact of those events on us, both in our personal lives and as employees of our various organizations. Additionally, I found the courses focusing on managing global teams, communication across cultures and other related topics to be significant in shaping my approach and conversations with various international teams who I communicate with on a regular basis in my role at BNY Mellon.

Why did you choose Point Park for graduate school?

I decided to pursue an M.B.A. at Point Park for a few reasons. I knew many colleagues and friends at BNY Mellon had participated in the program previously and had nothing but great things to say about their experiences. I heard regularly how fun and personable the professors were and their effectiveness in making classes both engaging and meaningful.

Also, I was excited about the international business concentration that was offered to support the core M.B.A. curriculum. Lastly, the proximity to my workplace and flexibility of the program made my decision to attend Point Park University an easy one.

Describe the teaching style of Point Park's M.B.A. professors.

I loved my Point Park University professors! Their greatest strength was in their ability to share and relate their professional and global experiences to the class material. When you hear people describe their time in school it is common to hear the word "lecture" used to describe certain classes. I was lucky to have professors at Point Park who encouraged "conversations."

What was your favorite grad school experience and why?

I was always eager for Dr. Kraniou's class because it stretched my thinking and imagination in a completely new direction from the way in which I previously approached those discussions. I also enjoyed the way in which Dr. Kraniou seemed to teasingly present us with questions and topics for discussion that caused us to question our own understanding. Lastly, his excitement and passion for teaching is undeniable and I always found myself energized upon entering his classroom.

What are your career goals?

My constant career goal is to be in a role and at an organization that challenges me and always encourages me to grow both professionally and personally. I feel that I am doing that now in my current role at BNY Mellon. Additionally, I am passionate about continuing to support diversity and inclusion at work and in Pittsburgh.

A current goal for me outside of work is to keep exploring board and community leadership opportunities and identifying new and meaningful ways that I can contribute my skills and experience in the local community.

Do you have a favorite quote?

"It always seems impossible until it's done." — Nelson Mandela

Photo by Shayna Mendez, a senior photojournalism major


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