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Pictured is Cody Risch. Photo by Nadia Jones.

Photo by Nadia Jones '25

Meet Cody Risch '22

Job Title & Employer
Commercial Banking Relationship Manager, PNC Bank
Rochester, Pa.
High School
Rochester Area High School
Now Living In
Evans City, Pa.
Hobbies & Interests
Being a father to a toddler

"Cody has been an asset to our commercial banking team, making an impact from his first day on the job. Through his strategic thinking, professionalism and tech acumen, Cody to provides exceptional service to our clients."

Gayle Furer, SVP, Group Manager - Commercial Banking

"Point Park University is affordable and offers in-person and online courses. This gives you the flexibility to complete your degree how you prefer. Point Park is always evaluating its curriculum and adding new classes that offer real-world expertise."

Cody Risch '22

Describe your career path and what motivated you to continue your education.

My career with PNC Bank started in 2017. After 11 months of servicing consumer accounts, I was promoted to the role of small business banker where I discovered my passion for working with businesses and helping them achieve their financial goals.

My career goal was to create a resume that would mirror the ideal candidate for the role of commercial relationship manager. I applied to Point Park University’s MBA program and aimed to complete the degree in four years. I worked tirelessly to receive a promotion to merchant services sales representative, through which I learned to specialize in payments. My resume was missing in-person sales experience. Due to my determination and perseverance, I received a promotion to work as a merchant services account executive in a territory that consisted of northern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania. In 2021, I knew that credit analysis was a desired skill for a commercial bank, so I enrolled in PNC’s 20-week credit fundamentals course and completed it in May 2021. 

I spent my last semesters at Point Park applying to PNC's commercial banking division. I accepted the role of associate relationship manager, through which I learned from and supported nine other relationship managers. A few weeks before graduation, I was promoted to commercial relationship manager. I finally achieved my goal. Currently, I am having a successful year and was promoted to assistant vice president.

Why did you choose Point Park's MBA program?

There are many factors to think about when choosing an MBA program – reputation, cost, class format, curriculum and professors. With PNC's headquarters in Downtown Pittsburgh, I spent a lot of time in the city. Point Park was always within walking distance, so I knew I would have easy access to professors, advisors and staff. The curriculum included classes that would advance my skills and career from a managerial standpoint. I was able to deepen my understanding of finance, cryptocurrencies and more.

Point Park offered a flexible online MBA, and upon graduation, my degree was no different than a graduate who took classes in person. When comparing the price per credit hour, Point Park was very competitive among other universities in western Pennsylvania.

Which faculty members had a significant impact on you? 

Angela Isaac, Ph.D., had a significant impact on my education at Point Park. Her courses were challenging, and she was very involved with us throughout the semesters, pushing us to think outside of the box. She was able to tie the classes into real-world events and bring in professionals to speak to the class. Dr. Isaac is a strong asset to Point Park and is a great person. 

How do you feel the MBA program fostered your professional growth?

PNC has a great culture, and I knew I wanted to be with the company for a long time. I had to create a framework of where I wanted to push my career and what I might need to get there. 

To separate myself from the competition, I demonstrated my ability to multitask by completing the MBA program and being a successful contributor working full-time at PNC Bank. Employers can see the success you drive during the day, and they know you're going home and putting in another two to four hours of coursework. While completing my MBA, I was able to show recruiters and employers my dedication to becoming more of an expert in the financial industry.

After Point Park, I realized many of my clients have earned master’s degrees, so I can relate to the challenges they may be facing and what they have experienced from an educational standpoint. My MBA has contributed to my growth already and will play a role in my overall success for years to come. 

What advice do you have for other working professionals considering Point Park’s MBA program?

I would advise you to start. As a working professional, you are always growing your career, and if you start the program as soon as you can, you will complete it faster.

I also recommend exploring how your employer can contribute to your MBA program. Whether you complete the degree part-time or full-time doesn’t matter – you still have the MBA.

If you can’t make it to in-person classes due to your work schedule, enroll in the online courses. The professors are engaging, and this flexible format will help you work around your schedule.

What makes Point Park distinctive compared to other universities?

Point Park University is affordable and offers in-person and online courses. This gives you the flexibility to complete your degree how you prefer. Point Park is always evaluating its curriculum and adding new classes that offer real-world expertise.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I believe Point Park's MBA program is the gift that keeps on giving. You may not receive instant rewards for completing the degree, but over time, you will be happy you leveled up your education. 

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