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Pictured is Philip Isabella, a 2009 accounting and 2013 M.B.A. alumnus of Point Park and accounting and finance recruitment manager for International Finance Group. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Meet Philip Isabella

Job title: Accounting and Finance Recruitment Manager
Employer: International Financial Group
Degrees earned: M.B.A. with a concentration in International Business, 2013, and B.S. in Accounting, 2009, Point Park University
Scholarships from Point Park: Community Service, Departmental and Director's scholarships
College activities: Point Park baseball team
Hometown: West Mifflin, Pa.
High school: West Mifflin Area High School
Now living in: Brookline neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hobbies/interests: Darts, softball, music critique and reviews, Game of Thrones, Netflix binger and Frisbee to name a few
Twitter handle: @Getwith_IFG and @Freezersqueeze
LinkedIn: Phil Isabella

What did you decide to pursue accounting and M.B.A. degrees at Point Park?

I knew that accounting offered a solid educational base with a lot of opportunities in the job market. I decided to then pursue an M.B.A. degree to widen my marketability and gain a better understanding of how global economies grow and operate.

For undergraduate, I chose Point Park because it was in a central location and I had heard good things about its School of Business. Additionally, the University offered me several scholarships along with the opportunity to play baseball.

For graduate school, I chose Point Park because I was working at BNY Mellon as an investment support analyst at the time, so it was convenient to take night classes after work. It was also an easy commute home for me. The M.B.A. program at Point Park is a great option for full-time employees looking to expand their education.

How did your degrees help you land your current position with International Financial Group?

My accounting acumen showed I could connect and communicate well with high-level professionals in mid-to-senior level accounting firms. Additionally, I gained strong knowledge in International Financial Reporting Standards because we discussed it in the M.B.A. program. Having a solid understanding of IFRS is definitely a desired skill in the accounting and finance arena.

Describe your experiences with Point Park's School of Business professors.

My professors were very knowledgeable professionals who taught based on their work experiences. Their one-on-one teaching style was hands on and helpful to me throughout my college career. I felt comfortable asking questions and didn't feel like just one person among an overpopulated group.

Tell us about a favorite Point Park memory.

I had a lot of memorable times with my pals on the Point Park baseball team. Also, I use to play pingpong with a pal and the battles we had were intense. Laugh it up, but we were really competitive and on the same skill level so we played for countless hours.

What are your career goals?

I often get this question and I find it isn't easy to answer. I like to work hard every day and let those successes write my five-year path.

Final thoughts?

If you are looking for small classrooms and more hands-on teaching, Point Park is a good choice to give you that experience.


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