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Pictured is Suresh Chockiah, 2013 M.B.A. alumnus and vice president of strategic services and enterprise architecture for PNC Financial Services. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Meet Suresh Chockiah

Job title: Vice President, Strategic Services and Enterprise Architecture
Employer: PNC Financial Services
Degrees earned: M.B.A. with an International Business concentration, Point Park University, 2013, and B.S. in math and computer science, University of Madras
Additional qualifications: Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professional, ToGAF certified Enterprise Architect and Carnegie Mellon University certified Enterprise Architect
Grad school activities: International M.B.A. ball
Hometown: Chennai, India
Now living in: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hobbies/interests: Music, playing guitar, martial arts, teaching Sunday school students about ethics and cultures, member of a charity fundraiser local band and spending time with family and friends
LinkedIn: Suresh Chockiah

Why did you decide to pursue an M.B.A. with an international business concentration?

I have worked in the technology space for about 22 years now and have gained deep knowledge in this field. But I always felt I had some gaps when it came to the areas of corporate finance and economics. I decided to pursue an M.B.A. degree to make myself well-rounded, as it becomes very important as I move up in my career. I also wanted to broaden my viewpoint to make better technology and business decisions.

Several professors at Point Park gave me a lot of insight into what international business really means. An international business concentration is very appropriate for the times we live in since everything is global now.

What factors made you choose Point Park for grad school?

I wanted to go to a school that was convenient and flexible from a work-life balance standpoint. Since I worked in Downtown Pittsburgh, the campus location was very convenient. I could go to Point Park right after work and complete the M.B.A. degree at my own pace. Also, I heard good things about the University from my work colleagues. They had high regard for Point Park professors.

How has your M.B.A. degree helped you in your career at PNC?

The technology strategy decisions I make impact our overall business strategies and outcomes. My M.B.A. education has definitely helped me move beyond just having a technologist viewpoint. I've gained a broader perspective on how my decisions and strategies affect PNC's business and its major constituents including employees, customers and shareholders.

Describe the teaching style of Point Park's M.B.A. professors.

The professors all had deep knowledge in the subjects they were teaching especially Dr. Kraniou, Dr. Sidky, Dr. Maharaja and Dr. Haley. They were 100 percent dedicated and wanted to make sure the students understood the material and were able to apply it to their real lives. Classes were never just theoretical where you would take a test and you're done. The professors always gave practical, real-life examples of the topics they were teaching.

What is your favorite Point Park memory?

My managerial economics class with Dr. Kraniou was very engaging and impactful. We had international students from all over the world in that class. It was really nice to learn from their experiences as well.

What are your career goals?

My career goal is to take on more and more accountability as a strategic leader and continue to provide technology strategies to advance the business at PNC.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I'd like to continue to engage with Point Park University. Even though I've completed my M.B.A. degree, I believe my relationship with Point Park shouldn't stop there. I'd love to stay connected with the University in a meaningful manner. If there are areas in which I can contribute, I would love to do so.


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