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Pictured is Neha Goel, a 2010 Point Park M.B.A. alumna and business analyst for UPMC Health Plan. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Meet Neha Goel

Job title: Business Analyst
Employer: UPMC Health Plan
Degree Earned: M.B.A. with a Concentration in Health Systems Management, Point Park University, 2010 and B.A. in Honors Economics, Punjab University, 2003
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Now living in: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hobbies/interests: Reading biographies, current events, watching international movies, travel and doing information searches on the Internet

How did you land your position as a business analyst for UPMC Health Plan?

After earning my M.B.A., I targeted UPMC Health Plan for job opportunities. I wanted to be part of a dynamic health care setting which has been recognized for its innovative excellence in the field of managed care. It gave me a platform to do my best and achieve my goals, while allowing me to retain my individuality. I was part of the medical management department at UPMC Health Plan for more than two years before landing my current position as a business analyst. In this position, I am able to apply all of my experiences.

What led you to Point Park for graduate school?

The M.B.A. program at Point Park University was truly an exceptional experience. I think joining this program was one of the best decisions I made. Studying in such a diverse and international environment, making new friends and learning from some of the BEST teachers were all part of the "package." Point Park's M.B.A. program is the right fit for professionals who are looking for growth opportunities in their organization/field. The only hurdle is to be ready to acquire the advanced skills.

Why did you choose to concentrate your M.B.A. degree in health systems management?

I felt the need to consolidate my experience with a management-oriented academic program and I always wanted to work in a health care setting. The M.B.A. degree in health systems management at Point Park University suffices that desire. This concentration field helped me to evolve with more assurance and to work with UPMC Health Plan.

How has the knowledge you gained in the M.B.A. program helped you in your career?

It's been very enriching, a renewal of the mind and it has offered me a higher level of knowledge. This program helped me pull together finance, accounting, marketing and operations knowledge into a comprehensible picture of how a business operates. It also encourages professionalism and critical decision-making skills that are essential when working with real clients on real issues.

Describe one of your favorite Point Park memories.

The fact that the professors have excellent backgrounds in their field of study was really empowering and made the classroom experiences very productive. Also, the International M.B.A. Ball and the informational seminars with powerful speakers organized by the School of Business were very thoughtful and much appreciated by the students.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I will always cherish my experience at Point Park and will continue to support the University and strive to be an exemplary alumna.


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