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Meet Sofiya Arnaudova-Hewitt

Job Title & Employer
HR Business Analyst, UPMC
Health Care Administration and Management-M.S.
April 2018
Kardzhali, Bulgaria
High School
Botev Foreign Language High School
Now Living In
Greensburg, Pa.
Hobbies & Interests
Camping, hiking and travelling the world

"Sofiya is a very positive, enthusiastic and motivated employee passionate about data and learning. Although I would never want to lose Sofiya, a master's in health care will provide her with a better understanding of the health care system, industry and policies, thus opening the door for more promotional opportunities across the system. It will also provide her with flexibility in career path options and allow for higher earnings potential."

Jane Boyer, Senior Director, Human Resources Information Systems Department, UPMC

"Dr. Sharon Mannella inspired me to delve into Big Data analysis and data visualization, and by week four of her class, I knew that is what I wanted to do for a living."

Sofiya Arnaudova-Hewitt

Tell us how the M.S. in health care administration and management program inspired you to pursue a career change.

When I started the course Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis in the M.S. in health care administration and management program, I was amazed by the material covered in this class. There is so much useful information and trends that can be uncovered by data analytics!

Dr. Sharon Mannella inspired me to delve into Big Data analysis and data visualization, and by week four of her class, I knew that is what I wanted to do for a living. Not long after, an HR business analyst position opened in the human resources information systems department at UPMC so I applied and after a round of interviews, I was offered the position!

What factors made you choose Point Park University for grad school?

I chose Point Park University for its excellent reputation as a higher education institution and because of the variety of online degrees offered. Most of the colleges and universities in the area still require students to be on campus for classes so the ability to study and participate from home, on my own time, was a major factor in my decision.

What are your key responsibilities as a business analyst for UPMC?

As a part of the operational insights and analytics team, I work with human capital data daily and help UPMC leadership make informed decisions. We provide reports that show employee trends, areas that need improvement, initiatives progress, etc. The data analysis we deliver gives our leadership the tools to make the right decisions and to take action when needed.

How are your classes helping you in this role?

I'm a relatively new employee in the health care field (I've been with UPMC for about three years), and taking into consideration that I'm not originally from the United States, all classes have been immensely helpful not just with my career, but with my general understanding of the U.S. health care system. Law, ethics and economics classes have provided a lot of context for the current health care policies and regulations, and I'm eager to learn even more!

What are your career goals?

In the near future, I plan on advancing my career in business analytics. I'd like to gain more technical knowledge so I can be even more useful to my team. However, my ultimate career goal is to also teach health care analytics at the university level someday and inspire students — just like I was inspired by Point Park University's faculty!

Final thoughts?

I think the online programs at Point Park are a great resource for the working individual. I'm very pleased with the format of the classes and I'm grateful that I can complete another graduate degree on my own time and at my own pace. I'm looking forward to my last two graduate classes next semester!

Photo by Brandy Richey, junior multimedia major

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