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Pictured is SAEM alum Morgan Laskey.
Photo by Shari Frechette

Meet Morgan Laskey

Job titles: Paralegal/Legal Assistant and NBA Dancer
Berluti McLaughlin & Kutchin LLP and The Boston Celtics
Degree earned
: B.S. in Sport, Arts, and Entertainment Management
May 2010
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Now living in:
Boston, Ma.
Pilates, going to the beach, cooking, relaxing, trying new restaurants, and Pinterest (obsessed!)
LinkedIn: Morgan Laskey


Morgan is now an events/marketing director for the Arthur Murray Dance Studios in the Boston area.

How has your SAEM degree helped you in your current positions?

My SAEM degree has helped me in many different ways. First, I admired SAEM professor Steve Tanzilli, J.D., who went to law school and became not only a sports agent but also an attorney. I loved his classes and knew right away that sports/entertainment law was what I wanted to pursue.

That being said, the SAEM degree provided me with knowledge in marketing, public relations, management, business, event planning, accounting, and law. With such a broad array of knowledge, I was more marketable to the law firm. Not only can I write press releases and network the firm, I can also manage the financials, coordinate an event, and apply the basic education I learned from my law courses. Second, the SAEM degree prepared me with the proper skills to go out on interviews and nail them! The professors really motivated us when it came time for resumes, interviews, and networking. Third, my degree has been quite an asset to my position as an NBA dancer. I can prove that I am more than just a "pretty face." Having such a unique degree shows I am intelligent, educated within the business of sports and entertainment, and that I am a hard worker.

Why did you choose to attend Point Park?

I initially chose Point Park for their dance program. I then learned about the SAEM program and fell in love! I switched my major after two years. My passion was still dance but I had to be smart and have a knees and back would only last for so long! Point Park's SAEM program allowed me to incorporate my love for the arts and sports in a more managerial kind of way. The program also offered so many different courses that could potentially benefit me in any avenue of employment. I also chose Point Park because I loved Downtown Pittsburgh.

What were some of your favorite experiences at Point Park?

Learning from some of the best instructors in the SAEM program was one of my favorite experiences. They were up-to-speed with the entertainment/sports industries and would encourage students to get involved and make connections. Whether it was SAEM's networking seminars, field trips to Heinz Field, or projects with Pittsburgh charities, these experiences stuck with me and made me love Point Park even more.

Pictured is SAEM alum Morgan Laskey.
Photo courtesy of The Boston Celtics

As both a legal assistant and pro dancer, how do you effectively balance your time?

My schedule is incredibly busy and demanding! It's tough switching gears from being a paralegal/legal assistant by day to performing for an audience of 18,000 screaming sports fans by night. During the basketball season, I have many 17-hour work days. Sleep is limited! Organization and time management are essential! I balance my time by writing everything out on a color-coded calendar.

What's your advice for SAEM students and alums pursuing multiple career areas?

My advice for SAEM students and alumni who are pursuing multiple career areas is to always have caffeine on hand! Just kidding! My practical advice would be to first, make sure you absolutely love what you are doing. If you are not enjoying it, then it's not worth it. Second, stay focused, grounded, and never stop learning. Third, do not give up no matter what. I've always lived by the mantra "if you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it." It will be hard and exhausting but the rewards will be so much greater. Most importantly, be kind to everyone you meet.

What are your future career goals?

My future career goals are to attend law school, work as an entertainment/sports lawyer, and be a mentor to young dancers. After that, retiring somewhere tropical would be necessary!

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