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Pictured is Rebecca Shore, SAEM alumna and marketing planning specialist for Dick's Sporting Goods. | Photo by Gracey Evans

Meet Rebecca Shore

Job title: Marketing Planning Specialist
Employer: Dick's Sporting Goods
Degree earned: B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management
Graduated: Spring 2015
Scholarship from Point Park: Founders Scholarship
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
High school: Seneca Valley High School
Now living in: Cranberry Township, Pa.
Hobbies/interests: Going to Pittsburgh Penguins games, concerts around town and traveling
Twitter: @beccashore
LinkedIn: Rebecca Shore

"Becca was selected for the marketing planning specialist position because of her strong education combined with her impressive internship experiences. Point Park University gave Becca the foundational knowledge she needed to be successful at her internships, and now at Dick's Sporting Goods. The emphasis Point Park places on real-world experience is extremely valuable."

-- Jamie Mencer, Marketing Planner, Dick's Sporting Goods
"Point Park has truly helped me get where I am today. All the connections and experiences I made while in school helped me achieve and excel in my career at Dick's Sporting Goods."

-- Rebecca Shore

How did your SAEM degree help you land your position with Dick's Sporting Goods?

The in-field experience I received while in school is really what helped me land my position with Dick's Sporting Goods. The classes I took gave me the marketing skills to promote products and brands, which in turn helped me earn internships and jobs.

Also, my sports, arts and entertainment management degree and the connections my professors provided helped me obtain internships at iHeartRadio and the Pittsburgh Steelers, where I was able to see how the academic world applied to the business world.

It was at the Pittsburgh Steelers that I learned how to launch a new marketing program. Gaining those skills has been vital to my job at Dick's Sporting Goods, where I currently work on a team to expand two of Dick's subsidiaries, True Runner and Chelsea Collective. I have been able to transfer what I learned at my internships into what I do every day at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Why did you choose Point Park University?

I chose Point Park University because of its SAEM program. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the marketing field, but finding a program specifically focused on sports and entertainment was a hard find. Most schools only offered Bachelor of Arts sports marketing programs or a general marketing degree.

However, Point Park offered a well-rounded sports, arts and entertainment management program as a Bachelor of Science degree. I knew I would get the most beneficial use out of a Bachelor of Science degree and I was told that many of the professors had great connections to help students achieve career-building opportunities.

Tell us about your experiences as a marketing intern for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Working for the Pittsburgh Steelers was always exciting! I worked in the office preparing for game day activities and many other events such as photo shoots, giveaways and meet and greets held at Heinz Field and the training facility. I was able to learn the ins and outs of how an NFL team markets their brand to keep fans year after year.

During my time with the Steelers, we launched the Steelers Nation Unite program. It is a way to get fans more involved with the team and a way for the Steelers to give back to their fans. Participants earn "badges" for completing certain tasks such as syncing their Twitter accounts with the program's app. After participants earn so many badges, they can win a chance to wave a Terrible Towel on the field as the players run out or participate in an event during halftime. Learning how to launch a new program, market it and manage the kinks was a great experience to be a part of during my time with the Steelers.

What was your favorite activity at Point Park outside of the classroom?

While at Point Park, I loved trying different restaurants in the area. The University is in the middle of Downtown Pittsburgh so getting to different parts of the city was so easy.

I also enjoyed going to different shows that would come to town, but mostly I enjoyed the access to all of the professional sports teams in the Downtown area. It was so convenient to head over to a Pittsburgh Penguins, Pirates or Steelers game whenever they were in town. I often would find my fellow SAEM peers in the crowd.

Is there anything else you'd like to add about your Point Park experience?

Point Park has truly helped me get where I am today. All the connections and experiences I made while in school helped me achieve and excel in my career at Dick's Sporting Goods - and I've just started. The professors at Point Park have so many connections in the industry. They really help you gain real-world experience. The sky is the limit for me!

Photo by Gracey Evans, sophomore photojournalism major

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