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Pictured is Melissa Redman, a sports, arts and entertainment management alumna and senior account executive for WQED. | Photo by Jim Judkis

Meet Melissa Redman

Job title: Senior Account Executive
Employer: WQED Multimedia
Degree earned: B.S. in Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management
Graduated: December 2008
College activities: Point Park women's soccer team
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
High school: North Hills High School
Now living in: McCandless, Pa.
Hobbies/interests: Soccer, kayaking and local craft beer events
LinkedIn: Melissa Redman

Update: Melissa is now co-owner/VP of operations and marketing for IQ Escape.

What do you enjoy most about being a senior account executive for WQED?

WQED has a long history in Pittsburgh so it's a pretty exciting thing to be able to represent such a historic name in the Pittsburgh community. Meeting with major companies and organizations in the Pittsburgh area has been a great experience. I am always learning something new about marketing and PR strategies within companies and various industries. My knowledge and understanding of the media landscape and the way companies and organizations are adapting and utilizing different platforms is constantly growing with every company and person I meet.

Why did you decide to transfer to Point Park for your last two years of college?

Initially, I transferred to Point Park for the women's soccer team and the education department. I had heard Point Park had an amazing education program and at the time, I was an elementary education major. But after I took a tour of Point Park and learned about the sports, arts and entertainment management major, I was completely sold on the program and the experiences it would bring.

As a student-athlete and SAEM major, how did you balance your time effectively?

I actually think being on the women's soccer team helped keep me organized and on a schedule. I was always on the move and always had somewhere to be. Without the team, I probably would not have been as focused as I was.

How has your Point Park education helped you achieve your goals?

Point Park was such an amazing experience. The SAEM professors who worked in the industries they taught were key influences in helping me achieve success. They taught based on real-world experience rather than just reading text from a book. Their teaching style really helped me understand my studies in a real-world kind of way and prepared me for what employers look for when hiring graduates.

Final thoughts?

Point Park as a whole is growing and it's such an exciting thing to see and to have been a part of!


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