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Pictured is SAEM alum Brandon Dujmic, customer care representative for ShowClix, Inc.

Meet Brandon Dujmic

Job title: Customer Care Representative
ShowClix, Inc.
Degree earned:
Bachelor of Science in Sport, Arts and Entertainment Management
May 2012
Hometown and current residence:
McKeesport, Pa.
High School:
McKeesport Area High School
Cycling, kayaking, hiking and reading
LinkedIn: Brandon Dujmic


Brandon is now assistant box office manager for AEG.

How did you land your position with ShowClix?

Throughout much of my time at Point Park, I was employed in ticketing at Stage AE. I was naturally curious to explore new frontiers, and I knew that my primary interest was based in ticketing. I was searching for jobs when ShowClix just so happened to pop into my search results. I knew the company from a few concerts I'd attended, but I never would have imagined its young and exciting work atmosphere and the outstanding product that the company has created. So I applied, interviewed, and needless to say, I was thrilled when I got called back with a job offer.

What are your current job responsibilities?

My current job description at ShowClix is essentially taking ticket orders by phone for the thousands of events that we service nationwide. But, this is no small task. It takes getting quite familiar with the ShowClix administrative program, not to mention getting accustomed with the variety of customer calls and their ever-changing and unique situations. No two calls are ever the same, unless of course the same customer calls twice.

It's also important to remember that our department is probably the first and only communication customers will have with the company, so it's critical to give them excellent service and attention. Perhaps the most fascinating part about my job, though, is that I get to talk to people from all over the country.

Please list the internship and career-related experiences you had throughout college.

What were your favorite experiences as a student at Point Park?

My favorite experiences were learning every day about the challenges that I would face in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It can be an extremely rewarding career path, but great things don't come easy. Far too often when someone faces an arduous task, they give up. As for me, I welcome the challenge just to prove that I can do it and enjoy the triumph that much more.

What are your career goals?

My primary career goal is to be as successful as I can be. Tomorrow may bring fortune and glory but I also could fall flat on my face. Entertainment is my thing and I pray that I can always be involved in the business, in one facet or another. I love live music and entertainment and I love that it means so much to others as well. I'm confident I'll always have a job because we all like to escape reality once in a while and simply be entertained. That much is certain.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

We all want to jump the line and go right from college to being Taylor Swift's manager or Eric Clapton's agent, but unfortunately it probably won't happen that fast. It takes long, hard work. I am by no means as far as I would like to be in my career, but I know that it won't happen overnight either. To get what you want you need to keep your eyes open, work hard and love what you do.


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