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Students talk with School of Business Professor Elaine Luther, D.Sc. in the HR Policies in Electronic Communications class.
HR management students Judith Griffin (left) and Kathleen Hays
talk with Professor Elaine Luther, D.Sc.

Studies suggest that more than half of employers check the social media profiles and activities of job candidates before making a hiring decision.

As social media continues to blur the lines between personal and professional lives, School of Business Professor Elaine Luther, D.Sc., emphasizes to students in the new "HR Policies for Electronic Communications" class the importance of being careful when communicating online.

"What you say or do on the Internet doesn't have to be illegal to negatively impact you as an employee or job candidate," explained Luther.

As part of the main project in the course, students did risk assessments of real companies and developed employee policies and training plans regarding the use of electronic communications.

"Students were really enthusiastic about the course topic and engaged in a lot of discussion," said Luther. "We hope to offer this course to HR and non-HR majors again soon," she added.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the human resource field is projected to grow faster than average between now and 2016.

"The rules are always changing in HR. This is definitely a field for life-long learners," explained Luther.

Judith Griffin and Kathleen Hays, two non-traditional students taking the "HR Policies in Electronic Communications" class, discuss their experiences as human resource management majors in the accelerated business program at Point Park:

Why did you decide to pursue a bachelor's degree in human resource management?

Griffin: I have my associate's degree in accounting and wanted to go a different route for my bachelor's degree. The HR field has always piqued my interest and I wanted to learn more.

Hays: I wanted to combine my 30-year administrative background with my passion for working with people. I hope to help individuals achieve their fullest potential in a work environment.

What made you choose Point Park?

Griffin: My father is a Point Park graduate and over the years he would praise the University. I also chose Point Park because it accommodates to people who work full time.

Hays: Point Park's convenient location to my place of employment combined with the courses offered were my primary motivational factors in selecting this University. Also, Point Park's online, evening and weekend classes are especially conducive to my work schedule.

What have you learned in the "HR Policies for Electronic Communications" course?

Griffin: Dr. Luther's class has prepared me for how to handle situations at my company that may arise involving employees misusing the Internet. This class has also taught me how and why a company's handbook should be reviewed and updated regularly.

Hays: I've learned that while many companies have electronic communication policies in place, enforcement is sometimes lacking. I hope to take what I have learned from this course and apply it to training employees and developing policies for proper usage of electronic media in the workplace.

Point Park offers a bachelor's degree (in a traditional, capstone or post-baccalaureate format) in human resource management as well as a minor and certificate. Learn more on the human resource management program page.