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Pictured is SAEM alum Megan Beavis, artists' assistant for DDO Artists Agency.

Meet Megan Beavis

Job Title: Agents' Assistant
Employer: DDO Artists Agency
Degree earned: Bachelor of Science in Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management
December 2011
College activities:
Residence Hall Association (co-founder and president from 2010-2011), IMPULSE Hip Hop Team (president), Honors Program (member and mentor), SAEM Club, and intramurals
Dance, sports, music, movies, and traveling
Hometown: Northford, Conn.
Now living in:
Los Angeles, Calif. and Northford, Conn.
LinkedIn: Megan Beavis


Megan is now a dance instructor and choreographer at Performing Art Studio Be.

Why did you choose to intern with DDO Artists Agency?

DDO is known as one of the few top talent agencies in the industry and I felt that this internship was a perfect fit for me. After this experience, I knew I definitely wanted to work in this business. Before leaving DDO to finish my last semester at Point Park, I expressed my interest in returning to the West Coast. Because DDO valued my work performance and admired my persistence, they offered me a position post-graduation. Read more about Megan's internship experience.

What are your main responsibilities as an agents' assistant?

My main responsibilities are to assist the agents in what they need done. I communicate with talent agencies and casting agencies and work with contracts and different union clients. I help submit clients to different casting breakdowns, look at talent submissions to the agency, scout talent/clients, help put together resumes and headshot layouts, call out auditions, deal with all of the online accounts, conduct interviews and meetings with new clients and help keep the company's website and social media up-to-date.

How have your SAEM classes helped you with the work you do?

My SAEM classes have helped tremendously with the work that I do. I believe that the hands-on experience I received helped me greatly with putting myself out there and taking on any responsibility given to me. I learned about contracts and negotiating them, how to interview and conduct interviews, how to put together a resume, the marketing and promoting of clients/products, and much more. The classes helped me with becoming a well-rounded and knowledgeable person of the industry too. With also being a dancer, I now have learned how to merge the performance with the business side of the entertainment and arts world.

What were some of your favorite experiences at Point Park?

My favorite experiences would have to be the friends that I made and being so involved within the University. I lived on campus all four years and absolutely loved the small-knit community. I loved seeing the same people everyday and hanging out in the parks, the Student Center, and the café. I enjoyed going to sporting events, performing in shows and at events, taking class in small, personal classroom settings, and being in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. I definitely took advantage of all that Point Park has to offer and that has greatly influenced who I am today.

What are your future goals?

My future goals are to be a working professional dancer and work as an agent. I have also thought about working for or owning a dance convention, which is a dance event where top choreographers in the industry are brought in to teach class. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved dancing and have wanted to work in the entertainment and arts industry.

What advice do you have for students pursuing a career in the entertainment management industry?

Hard work definitely pays off in the end. Every student should put him or herself out there and not be afraid of what people think of them. The industry is very competitive, just like many others, and one must find a way to get themselves noticed. A career in the entertainment management industry is definitely very high-paced and stressful. However, if you manage your time and tasks, and are trustworthy and reliable, you will succeed.


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