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Pictured is Arian Clay-Sirop. Submitted photo.

Meet Arian Clay-Sirop '09

Job Title & Employer
Assistant Vice President, Field Marketing, Morgan Stanley
Broadcast Reporting
College Activities
Women's Soccer Team
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High School
Penn Hills High School
Now Living In
New Jersey
Hobbies & Interests
Playing drums for my band, traveling, Eat'n Park salads with fries, spending time with family and friends and giving back to the community by volunteering for food banks and events.

"My broadcasting classes helped prepare me for the industry I work in today. I endured the hustle of racing around Pittsburgh with a camera in my hand trying to capture a story, then spent hours in the edit suites editing the footage."

Arian Clay-Sirop '09

Why did you choose Point Park University?

Well, I think Point Park really chose me because I was interested in their broadcasting program and it was close to home.

How did Point Park’s broadcasting program prepare you for your career?

I really enjoyed my time at Point Park. The small class sizes were perfect for me and the professors took the time to give me individualized attention when needed. My favorite place to study was the vault in the library.

My broadcasting classes helped prepare me for the industry I work in today. I endured the hustle of racing around Pittsburgh with a camera in my hand trying to capture a story, then spent hours in the edit suites editing the footage. Taking a class in the TV studio really helped prepare me for video production in front of, as well as behind the camera. I remember going from soccer practice at 6 a.m., running to a broadcast class for which I had to quickly be camera ready with my hair and makeup done, and then schlep heavy camera equipment all over Pittsburgh.

I also participated in the Disney College Program through which I helped recruit college students to work for Disney World. I also interned for ABC’s The View in New York City. This provided me with hands-on experience as I learned how live TV works, and it's a hustle.

Briefly highlight your career path.

Once I completed my internship at The View, I graduated the following year and moved to New York City because they hired me back as a full-time production coordinator. Once my contract was up, I worked several freelance gigs on film shoots. Then I worked for ABC’s Who Want To Be A Millionaire.

I really loved working in TV but didn’t like the inconsistency of work from season to season. I decided to switch gears and work for a software service company as a production manager running webcasts for Fortune 100 companies. During my time as a production manager, I earned my MBA at Centenary University. After that, I ended up at Morgan Stanley.

What are your key responsibilities in your current role?

My key responsibilities include providing editorial support for video development including creative briefs, video conceptualization and story boarding. Moreover, I partner with our legal compliance and risk to aid in vetting and approval process.

I also manage multiple project schedules, deliverables and deadlines. I manage relationships with external video vendors and work in collaboration with internal partners to develop short, high-level stories or commercial segments. Our video program was first to market to external audiences and I was happy to be part of the launch.

Lastly, I teach people to create and edit their own videos, which in a way feels like I’ve come full circle having a broadcast journalism background.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love my team and the people I work with. I really enjoy seeing the videos that our teams create being shared all over social media because I take pride and satisfaction in knowing I contributed to their creation. I’m happy that I was able to apply the skills I learned at Point Park to my current role. I also enjoy that I still get to be involved with video production without having to work the 12-14 hour days required in most TV jobs (I put in my time).

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Be adaptable and open minded. Broadcast journalism isn’t just about news. It also teaches the fundamentals you’ll need to be able to work in a studio whether you’re a director, technical director, camera operator, producer, script writer or on-camera personality.

Most of all, take advantage of internship opportunities and network. Use Point Park's alumni network as they can help connect you with someone in the field you’re seeking (I sit on the Alumni Association Board for Point Park). Shadow people, take notes and ask questions!

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