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Meet Babina Khanal '23

Graphic and Interactive Design
Digital marketing
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High School
Baldwin High School, Steel Center for Career and Technical Education
Dream Job
Graphic designer focused on branding, identity and packaging
Hobbies & Interests
Painting, drawing, music, food

"It was a pleasure to have Babina in class — she hosts a strong design sensibility combined with work ethic. She enjoyed participating in class conversations and took critique feedback to heart to improve her work. She not only mentored classmates, she lent her time to helping upcoming students through the Graphic Design Club and beyond. Babina is an inspirational student, and I fully expect she will do well in a professional setting."

Denise Dolgos, graphic and interactive design instructor

"It all came together that I picked the right major when I began taking upper-level classes that allowed for more creativity and freedom in projects. The professors in my major are all very kind and supportive."

Babina Khanal '23

Why did you choose Point Park University’s School of Communication?

I wanted to earn a bachelor's degree, and the other schools I looked into only offered an associate's degree. I ultimately chose Point Park because of the B.F.A. in Graphic and Interactive Design program, the financial aid package I was awarded and its close location to home as a commuter student.

When did it all come together that you made the right decision to major in Graphic and Interactive Design?

It all came together when I began taking upper-level classes that allowed for more creativity and freedom in projects. The professors in my major are all very kind and supportive. As a student in the Honors Program, I chose to honorize some of my courses, which allowed me to complete additional projects that challenged me and broadened my learning experience. 

What are the advantages of joining the Graphic Design Club?

Some of the advantages include the opportunity to meet other students in the program and have a space to offer critique and feedback about your work. Most meetings are open sessions where you can ask questions. It is great for those new to using the Adobe programs as they can ask others who have more experience for help with projects, or ask general questions on how to use the program or specific tools.

Highlight your favorite projects in your portfolio.

The Tea Pot (pictured in the gallery above) is one of my favorite projects. This was the final project of my last semester at Point Park and encompasses what I learned. I created a tea brand called The Tea Pot and designed visual assets for it. The packaging is inspired by objects like a teapot or a teacup created geometrically by simplifying the shapes of these objects.

Prior to that, the first packaging design piece I did was when I attended a tech school alongside my high school for their advertising and design program. One of our projects was a juice box design and it was my favorite project.

I went into my major with a general idea of graphic design, and I enjoyed that, but the projects that I felt the most passionate about happened in Branding and Identity Design and Packaging Design.

What are the benefits of living and learning in Downtown Pittsburgh?

If you love food, there are lots of restaurants within walking distance to campus.

What advice do you have for a prospective student?

Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions. A lot of your beginning design classes will seem repetitive, but it is helping to build the foundation. It will all come together in the end.

The Student Experience as a GRID Major

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