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Dr. Tatyana DumovaTatyana Dumova, associate professor in Point Park University's School of Communication, has published a chapter on the student perceptions of the usability of online assessment tools in a newly released volume of Computer-Mediated Communication: Issues and Approaches in Education edited by Sigrid Kelsey (Louisiana State University) and Kirk St. Amant (East Carolina University).

Dumova's research focuses on assessment, an essential component of teaching and learning. It examines the usability of online tests and quizzes and determines what features of Blackboard-based testing environment are most beneficial from a student perspective.

A survey of 395 students provides new insights that can help teachers, administrators and instructional technology specialists make informed choices in developing and implementing online assessments. Dumova concludes that instructors should move away from the "one-size-fits-all" approach towards flexible, learner-centered models.

The editors of the book write in the preface: "Dumova's chapter presents results of a much needed survey that determined how students perceive the usability of online testing in Blackboard. These findings bring to light several ways in which educators can make better use of online testing by using teaching strategies that utilize different pedagogical tools than face to face environments for better assessment practices."

For more information about the book, visit the IGI Global website.