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Pictured is Erin Yudt. Submitted photo.

Meet Erin Yudt '24

Job Title & Employer
Intern, The Herald (Sharon, Pa.)
Sharpsville, Pa.
High School
Sharpsville Area High School
Dream Job
A journalist at The New York Times
Hobbies & Interests
Reading, painting, spending time with family and friends, watching reality TV, going to antique stores and eating ice cream

"What makes Point Park's journalism program distinctive from other universities is a focus on real-world experiences, personable faculty and staff and diverse class options."

Erin Yudt '24

How did you land an internship with The Herald?

I landed the internship by reaching out to the paper. They haven't had interns in years, or a solid program, so we were able to work on that together. 

Point Park's Center for Student Success did a great job helping me set up my internship for credit and gave me guidance about future opportunities.

Tell us about the work you did as an intern.

I had a variety of responsibilities that included covering my own stories, working on page layout and shadowing the photographer and digital editor. I also had the opportunity to cover police and fire news.

In what ways has your Point Park undergraduate experience prepared you for this role?

My undergraduate experience gave me a solid foundation to further build on my skills through varying types of media courses like photography, graphic design, media storytelling, video production, etc., all in my first year.

What makes Point Park’s journalism program distinctive from other universities?

What makes the program distinctive is a focus on real-world experiences, personable faculty and staff and diverse class options.

What are your goals for your junior year at Point Park?

My goals include becoming more comfortable with digital photography and radio/podcasting equipment, cover more feature and sports stories, gain as many experiences as I can, and get more involved in the Point Park community as the editor-elect for The Globe.

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