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Tatyana Dumova, associate professor in the School of Communication, made two peer-reviewed research presentations at the annual National Communication Association (NCA) convention in New Orleans held November 17-20.

Her presentations were:

  • "Utilizing Online Surveys and Self-Assessments for Motivating and Engaging e-Learners"
  • "A Study of the Relationship Between Student Proficiency, Satisfaction, and Perceived Usability of Online Search"

Dr. Tatyana DumovaThe first presentation focused on formative online assessments as a means to increase the opportunities for student success in an online learning environment. By integrating e-learning surveys and self-assessments in an online/blended course, instructors can create a stimulating and engaging learning environment in which online students gain greater control of their learning and provide the instructor with informal student feedback in the class. Emphasis on self-reflection and self-assessment empowers students and propels them into a better position to successfully navigate and complete the online course.

The second presentation provided an update on a research project, which aims to evaluate the relationship between students' proficiency, perceived search engine usability, and overall satisfaction with online search. The existing research indicates that people's views and attitudes toward various access tools as well as the level of IT skills may serve as predictors of online behavior. Dumova hopes that this inquiry into student experiences with search engines will contribute to our understanding of the usability of search tools designed to assist students in gaining positive experiences in locating and retrieving online information.

Dumova is a member of several NCA divisions, such as Mass Communication Division, Human Communication & Technology Division, and International & Intercultural Communication Division. She serves as vice chair of the Communication Assessment Division, which provides resources to NCA members in the vital area of academic assessment. These include print and online resources in the areas of learning objective development, standardized assessment instruments, development of specific assessment tools, program review support, and materials for accreditation review.

Continuing her networking activities with professional organizations, Dumova attended a business meeting of the Executive Council of the Eastern Communication Association (ECA), which met during the NCA convention. Through her involvement with NCA and ECA Dumova raises awareness of the academic opportunities available at Point Park University and links the Point Park community with peer institutions around the nation.

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