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Dr. Tatyana Dumova, associate professor of communication at Point Park, presented a full-length juried research paper at the annual convention of the Eastern Communication Association in Arlington, Va., held April 13-17. Her paper was titled, "Evaluating the Usability of Online Testing: From One-Size-Fits-All to Learner-Centered Models."

She also served as a respondent for two paper panel sessions: "Selling by Example: Rhetorical and Interpersonal Techniques in Contemporary Marketing" (Applied Communication Interest Group) and "Community Across Time and Tech: Questioning the Role of Media in Community Formation" (Communication and Technology Interest Group).

At the convention, Dumova was elected chair of the Applied Communication Interest Group.

The Eastern Communication Association (ECA) is a professional organization of scholars, teachers and students of communication studies. It is the oldest professional communication association in the United States.