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Pictured is School of Communication alumna Stacey Kammerdiener.

Meet Stacey Kammerdiener

Job title: Strategic Enrollment Consultant at TWG Plus, a higher education marketing company
Degrees earned: B.A. in mass communication, Point Park University, 2005; M.A. in higher education, Appalachian State University, 2012
College activities: Co-editor of The Globe, writer and editor for The Pioneer, intern at WPGH
Hometown: New Florence, Pa.
Now living in: Austin, Texas
Hobbies/interests: Bowling, skeeball, playing piano, traveling

How did you land your job at TWG Plus?

I was employed at Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina as associate director of admissions. A colleague of mine found out I was interested in moving to Austin, Texas, saw the job description at TWG Plus, and recommended me for the job.

My experience in admissions and higher education marketing offices was a perfect fit for TWG Plus. My company prides itself on serving as real consultants within the higher education field, not just marketing managers.

What are your current job responsibilities?

I work directly with college and university admissions offices to help them with their publications, search campaigns, communication flow and many other aspects of their marketing plans. If you receive a shiny brochure or a fancy email from a school we work with, I may have had a hand in making that brochure a reality. The best part of my job is the travel. I get to visit colleges and universities around the nation. It's really exciting!

What factors made you choose Point Park?

I had actually been encouraged to take a look at Point Park by my high school journalism teacher. I knew that I wanted a school that granted its students real-world, hands-on experience. The fact that my courses were taught by professors such as Bill Moushey, who are experts in the field and are tapped into the communication market, was a huge draw. The location, right in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, also sold me, as I grew up in a small town (graduating with 54 people) and wanted to experience city life.

What advice do you have for today's students?

Get involved. My experience as co-editor of The Globe taught me so much about responsibility and time management. It was also a great way to meet friends. I also recommend that you network as much as you can and develop lasting relationships with your professors, as they can help you get your foot in the door down the road. Most importantly, don't get discouraged when an employee doesn't call you back. I applied for more than 30 jobs during my last semester of school.

Anything else you would like to add?

Enjoy your time as a college student, and don't be afraid to make big changes when you get your degree. My eight years in Charlotte after I graduated from Point Park were transformational. My time in Austin is turning out to be just as amazing.


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