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Amber Farr graduated from Point Park in 2011 with an M.A. in journalism. She currently is a manger at Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Meet Amber J. Farr

Major and degree earned at Point Park: M.A. in journalism and mass communication with a focus on public relations
Graduation year: 2011
Job title and current employer:
Manager of Resources & Troop Pathways at Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania
Clairton, Pa.
Now living in:
Wilkins Township, Pa.

Why did you choose to attend Point Park for your master's?

I learned about Point Park's reputation when I attended one of its annual high school journalism workshops. I chose Point Park because of the small class sizes and professors who teach with real world experience. It's a great school for working professionals because the faculty understands the challenges we face.

What was one of your favorite experiences while you were at Point Park?

Meeting and learning from other working professionals, both professors and classmates. Another favorite experience happened in one of my public relations classes, with (adjunct) Professor Camille Downing. She gave us an opportunity to work on a PR plan for the Hope Network's 20th annual Hoops Classic basketball tournament.

How has your master's degree helped you in your career/current job?

My degree has given me the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage the 160 volunteers within my territory. This includes, but is not limited to: public relations, strategic planning, time management, community outreach, public speaking and marketing.

What advice do you have for students entering the M.A. program at Point Park?

Be open-minded and think outside the box because there are a lot of ways in which one can be successful in the field of communications.

What is a typical week like for you at the Girl Scouts?

A typical week is unpredictable because I work days, nights and weekends. My schedule is irregular, so being flexible is the key to getting the job done. I travel in and around the city networking and meeting with volunteers, organizations and schools. I also attend events, go camping and facilitate Girl Scout programming. In between all of that I'm trying to get my administrative duties done. I really make an effort to be visible and accessible to the girls, volunteers and the community. As you can see, Girl Scouts is more than cookies, camping and crafts!

What is your favorite thing about your job at the Girl Scouts?

Being out in the community! I really enjoy interacting with the girls and volunteers. I believe in Girl Scouts' mission, and I want to see those who want to participate in Girl Scouts get that opportunity regardless of race, creed, color, disability, religion, socioeconomic status, etc.

What are your future career goals?

To continue working in a position where I can have a positive impact in the community, where children can look at me and see that they, too, can be successful and make a difference regardless of where they come from or what they're going through, and to let them know that people do care and want to see them succeed.

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