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Pictured is photojournalism major Connor Mulvaney at PNC Park.

Meet Connor Mulvaney

Major: Photojournalism
Expected graduation:
Spring 2015
Photo intern at Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High School:
Moon Area High School
College activities:
Cross Country, photo editor of The Globe
Sports, music, travel, reading

Did the Downtown Pittsburgh location influence your decision to attend Point Park?

Point Park's location was a major reason I chose to attend the university. My family has always lived around the city and I wanted to stay here. Also, I love being able to access everything the city has to offer. There's never a boring day in Pittsburgh.

Why did you choose Point Park for photojournalism?

Point Park was the only school that I could find within a reasonable distance that had a photojournalism program. I wanted to learn about taking photos and visual journalism, but I also wanted to hone my writing skills as well, which I wouldn't be able to do conveniently in just a photography program. Versatility and an understanding of a variety of tools are key traits to have in visual journalism, and the photojournalism program at Point Park addresses that need.

What are your key responsibilities as an intern?

Essentially, assisting the team's photographer. That could mean taking photos of an event around the ballpark during a game, or going to events he is unable to attend, helping to set up portraits of players and other employees, etc. On days when there is not much to photograph, I help print photos of the fans that participate in the pre-game activities on the field and scan old photos to add to the team's digital archive.

Describe the teaching style of Point Park's School of Communication professors.

In one word, I suppose I would say comprehensive. Each of the School of Communication professors I have had teach you what you need to know in the classroom, but they also understand that students need to learn outside of the classroom. Thanks to them, I've taken every opportunity possible to work in the real world, where I've learned as much as I have in the academic world. Nobody paid me to say that, believe me; those kinds of learning experiences are invaluable. That's proven to me every year when I come back to classes and any time I leave school to take on another challenge.

What do you recommend to current students to make the most of their college experience?

Get involved in any way possible. Follow any remote interest and explore it, because if you stick with it, you'll have something valuable by the end. Someone once told me to leave yourself open to opportunity and remembering that has served me well. A degree is not enough to get a job anymore; college grads have to have something else to prove to employers they can get a job done. Whether it's getting an internship, or having a portfolio, or holding some leadership position, or even just being able to say you were involved in a club, something is better than nothing. If you don't take advantage of the opportunities presented to you today, when are you going to?


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