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Pictured is School of Communication student Nicole Chynoweth.

Meet Nicole Chynoweth

Internship: Pittsburgh City Paper, music section intern, Spring 2012. I am now a freelance writer for the music section.
Major: Double majoring in journalism and multimedia
Expected graduation: May 2013
College activities: I have worked on The Globe for several semesters. I have an apprenticeship at the Student Center as a public relations assistant. I also have a work study job with Professor Heather Starr Fiedler as a digital media assistant.
Hobbies/interests: Playing the clarinet, going to concerts, making crafts, and working events at the ToonSeum, Pittsburgh's museum of cartoon art.
Hometown: Johnstown, Pa.
High School: Conemaugh Township Area High School
Dream job: Writer for Rolling Stone

How did you land your internship at City Paper?

I learned about City Paper's internship program simply by googling "City Paper internship." I had read the paper ever since I came to Point Park, and I knew they were the kind of publication I wanted to write for. I initially interviewed for the A&E section internship. At the beginning of my interview for that position, editor Bill O'Driscoll informed me that Pittsburgh City Paper also offered a music section internship, which I did not know because it was not listed on the publication's website at the time I applied. After totally flubbing my interview with Mr. O'Driscoll, I was not surprised when he called me to inform me they hired someone else. I immediately asked him for music editor Andy Mulkerin's phone number, and I arranged an interview for the music section internship. Several weeks later, Mr. Mulkerin called me to offer me the internship. I was so elated, and I felt so grateful for the opportunity.

What were some of your key responsibilities as an intern at City Paper?

Each week I wrote two or three "Critic's Picks," which are brief previews of upcoming shows in Pittsburgh. I also wrote album reviews and a few columns about local artists. I contributed features and concert reviews for the music section's blog, "FFW>>." I also wrote a main music feature at the end of my internship.

Please list internship experiences you've had at Point Park.

How have you incorporated the skills you learned at Point Park into the work you did at your internship?

The skills I acquired during David Grande's journalistic skills class and Bill Moushey's reporting class enabled me to write clear, concise content for Pittsburgh City Paper.

Why did you choose to attend Point Park?

I chose to attend Point Park after my incredibly positive experience at the School of Communication's high school journalism camp. I greatly enjoyed learning about reporting from Helen Fallon and Heather Starr Fiedler, and I wanted to continue learning from them. Their emphasis on the importance of real-world experience appealed to me, and I knew I would benefit from learning the craft from seasoned industry professionals.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I encourage all students to intern as much as possible throughout college. The knowledge your supervisors impart to you will help you immensely in the future.