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Pictured is Adam Snook. Photo | Ethan Stoner

Photo by Ethan Stoner '26

Meet Adam Snook '24

Cinema Arts
Wichita, Kan.
High School
Andover High School
Dream Job
Film Producer
Hobbies & Interests
Playing the piano, Thai culture studies, reading and figure skating

"I chose the B.A. cinema arts program because cinema students are on set their first semester. This hands-on experience helps you discover so much about your future career path."

Adam Snook '24

Why did you choose Point Park University's B.A. cinema arts program and what do you enjoy most about it?

I chose the B.A. cinema arts program because cinema students are on set their first semester. This hands-on experience helps you discover so much about your future career path and which focus area in the major you wish to pursue. As a cinema arts major, students can focus on cinema, animation or screenwriting. I enjoy being able to experiment and learn about all of the aspects of production while getting to focus on and grow in one area.

When did it all come together that you made the right decision to major in cinema arts at Point Park?

It's important to be able to work as a team on set, and being surrounded by people who share similar interests collectively showed me that I made the right decision. The cinema arts program is filled with people who are always wanting to grow.

Highlight your internship with GDH.

GDH 559 Co., Ltd., is Thailand’s leading production company. Located in Bangkok, GDH produces films that have made it to Sundance and other famous festivals.

I worked on the Netflix Thailand series "Delete" as a production manager intern. Primarily, my duties included working closely with the production manager regarding the production reports, preparing breakdowns for future shoots and keeping the talent occupied and ready for set. I also had the opportunity to interpret my creativity in blocking extras for a school scene, which was absolutely exhilarating after realizing I was doing this for Netflix and GDH!

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Tell us about current film projects you're working on.

Currently, I am supervising three projects as the producer and executive producer.

At Point Park, the Production III course project "Afterlife" is one of the most challenging films I’ve produced because the program pushes you to do your very best. I am very happy with my work and the team I lead.

Aside from school projects, I am the producer of distribution and marketing for a feature film "Wire" (2024), a collaboration of independent filmmakers in the Pittsburgh area. Additionally, I am the executive producer of a short film "It Came Alive!," which led me to launch my production company 7to8 Production and Dist. in April 2023.

You recently volunteered at the Three Rivers Film Festival. Tell us more about that. 

My role was to assist to whatever the festival needed. This allowed me to broaden my perspective on how many talented filmmakers are around me on a daily basis. I met the executive producer of an independent film that starred an actor from "Stranger Things." Furthermore, I got to attend the filmmaker’s conference that brought in the executive producer of "Wednesday" and "The Handmaid’s Tale" to share his experience.

What are the benefits of living and learning in Downtown Pittsburgh?

Learning how to be independent and support yourself in an urban city is crucial for career development, and by attending Point Park, I am able to discover for myself the professional world. You'll realize how amazing you are in no time.

What advice do you have for a prospective cinema arts student?

Everything will work out one way or another. Don’t be in such a hurry to chase something so superficial. Develop and grow at your own pace, because creativity can only start if you allow it time to flourish.

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