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Meet Cole Sholtis '24

Cinema Arts
North Huntingdon, Pa.
High School
Norwin High School
Dream Job
Feature Film Editor

"Point Park serves as a perfect school for expanding upon my creative and technical skills to tell a story in the cinema arts program, and also challenges me academically in the accounting program."

Cole Sholtis '24

Why did you choose Point Park University’s B.A. cinema arts degree with an accounting minor?

As a child, I always had a creative mindset in every hobby I had. When it came to finding the right university, a combination of creativity and technical skills were essential to me. Point Park serves as a perfect school for expanding upon my creative and technical skills to tell a story in the cinema arts program, and also challenges me academically in the accounting program.

You recently finished a job with Netflix. Tell us more about that.

Last summer and fall, I worked as a payroll clerk for a Netflix feature production, The Deliverance, filmed in Pittsburgh and expected to release in summer 2023. In this position, I managed the organization and producer approval for weekly crew time cards, onboarded and approved crew members and actors and managed the printing/delivery of checks to sets. I also learned the basics of our payroll accountant’s job, and successfully assisted as an extra set of eyes in catching mistakes before we released payroll to the crew. Having the opportunity to combine my major and minor was incredible, and something I hope to continue in my future.

What are your key responsibilities as the social media coordinator for the cinema arts department?

As the social media coordinator for the Department of Cinema Arts, I schedule weekly content for the department, often including alumni features, local film festivals or opportunities for students and promote the department with edited trailers of student films. Student work is used to advertise the skills that can be used and achieved within the department. I also coordinate the collection and use of behind-the-scenes photography and videography to be shared to market the department. 

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What do you like about going to school in Downtown Pittsburgh?

I would choose a compact, city school over a large campus any day. Downtown Pittsburgh offers so many opportunities for different cultural events, restaurants, sporting events, music and film festivals and the list goes on. Everything else is just a bus ride or shuttle away.

What advice do you have for students considering one of our cinema arts programs?

Don’t let the artistic portfolio process intimidate you! I did not have much of a filmmaking background when applying. I stressed for weeks over feeling like my submitted works were not good enough. Submit videos of what you have and write about what you don’t. Not every student coming in has the same film background, so even though the classes can be rigorous, you learn everything you need to and beyond.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Every professor I’ve had has served as a mentor. They all have exceptional backgrounds of work in their respective industries they teach in. Get to know them and listen to all their interesting work experiences. You will learn so much more by going to your professor’s office hours than any structured class you’ve had with them. And for all you know, they might be the one to have a job offer ready for you after graduation.

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