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Meet Malle Winters

Job Title & Employer
Directing/Patron Services Intern, Shakespeare & Company
Theatre Arts
April 2020
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High School
Oakland Catholic High School
Dream Job
Anything that will allow me to support myself as an actor/writer/director
Hobbies & Interests
Reading, television, movies and writing

"Malle’s work in the box office at Point Park University really prepared her for our fast-paced summer season. She was a huge asset to the team, and she handled all of the obstacles of the job perfectly."

Kevin Lempke, patron services manager, Shakespeare & Company

"Studying directing at Point Park has had a huge influence on me, and I was lucky to be able to test myself in a professional setting. I feel totally prepared as both a director and performer because of my training at Point Park."

Malle Winters

Update: Since graduating from Point Park, Malle Winters was hired as associate patron services manager at Shakespeare & Co.

What steps did you take to secure your internship?

In the first semester of my junior year, I had class with the incredible Tori Rhoades – a part-time instructor in the theatre department – for Acting and Voice and Speech. She is a long-time member of Shakespeare & Company and not only told us all about the company, but encouraged us to apply and list her as a reference. I did, and they took her recommendation and offered me a new internship position, which totally exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Tori! 

Tell us about the type of work you did during your internship. 

For the first half of my internship, I worked with Shake and Co.’s Artistic Director, Allyn Burrows, by assistant directing his production of Twelfth Night. I got to work side-by-side with Allyn for over a month, getting hands-on experience with the actors and designers, as well as being able to observe a world-class artist at work. Once the show opened, I became a patron services intern and worked closely under the Patron Services Manager, Kevin Lempke. During the second half of my internship, I worked in the gift shop, bar and front of house, but with a focus in the box office. Kevin runs a tight ship, and I’m so thankful for the responsibility he gave me, as well as the mentoring I received.  

How did the education and training you’ve received at Point Park prepare you for this internship? 

My work as an apprentice in the Pittsburgh Playhouse box office certainly prepared me for my patron services duties. Without having worked there for the past few years, I don’t think I would have had the qualifications to jump into the Shake & Co. patron services department. Studying directing here at Point Park has had a huge influence on me, and I was lucky to be able to test myself in a professional setting. I feel totally prepared as both a director and performer because of my training at Point Park. 

Tell us about any networking opportunities you had as a result of this experience.

I got to meet so many great people during my time at Shakespeare & Company. I’m still in touch with a lot of them. Not only do I now have new professional connections and references, I also made a lot of friends I know I can depend on, too. 

Why did you choose Point Park University? 

My parents – Kim Martin and Philip Winters – teach here, so I basically grew up at Point Park. For as long as I can remember I knew I would go here. Theatre is in my blood and Point Park is one of the very top schools for that. I love my hometown and I love my family, so why leave when I can get a world-class education in Downtown Pittsburgh, which is in my own backyard? 

What advice do you have for a student considering Point Park? 

Come here! Visit if you can, because the spirit on campus is one of welcoming and joy and it truly feels like home. And explore the different programs! We offer so many exciting programs that other schools don’t have, so take advantage of it by exploring all of your options.

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Come to Point Park and go to Shakespeare & Company! Even if you don’t think you are ready for something, try it anyway. You will never know until you try, and I promise you are more prepared than you think.

Also, a favorite quote: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take." – Wayne Gretzky (and Michael Scott from The Office)

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