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Pictured are Point Park University alumni that launched their own business, Loose Cannon Creative. Photo | Christopher Rolinson
Pictured are alumni Jonathan DeCarlo, Cristin Goss and Michael DiGuglielmo, owners of Loose Cannon Creative.

Point Park University alumni Jonathan DeCarlo, Cristin Goss and Michael DiGuglielmo co-founded Loose Cannon Creative, a Pittsburgh-based multimedia company specializing in videography, photography and graphic design services. Below, the alumni discuss how their educational experience at Point Park prepared them to collaborate on this business endeavor.

How did Loose Cannon Creative get its start?

We started working together in 2011 and decided that while we all had other full-time jobs, we knew that our creative specialties were our passion and we needed to do something about it. - Cristin Goss, M.A. in journalism and mass communication, 2012

What are some of the duties each co-founder is charged with?

As creative services director, my main duties include video editing, graphic design and copywriting. In addition to business development duties, Cristin manages our social media, does graphic design and photography work. Jon, as the director of photography, is responsible for the look of our projects. - Michael DiGuglielmo, M.A. in journalism and mass communication, 2012

How did your Point Park education prepare you for your career?

In the cinema production major, the philosophy was that much of the time, you had a limited budget and crew. We were taught every skill we needed from pre-production to post-production, as well as to work with what we had and improvise. Those two ideas have been a driving force in the way I approach the work and the philosophy of Loose Cannon. - Jonathan DeCarlo, B.A. in cinema production, 2009

Did the Downtown Pittsburgh location influence your decision to attend graduate school at Point Park?

Absolutely, the location thrust me into the professional world. I landed several great internships and had access to so many opportunities. - MD

What factors made you choose Point Park for your undergraduate degree?

I wanted to go to school in Downtown Pittsburgh and I wanted to learn to shoot on actual film. Not many schools in the city were still teaching how to shoot and edit real film, because many were only focused on digital, so I knew Point Park would be a perfect fit. - JD

What's a typical day like at Loose Cannon Creative?

One day we could be at a photo/video shoot and then the next day we could be working on a design project. Other days we only work on client projects, or we have days set aside for research to look for new business or learn more about our craft. We make our own schedule, but that means we have to be self-motivated and have a great independent work ethic. - CG


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