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Video: Interactive Special Effects and Blood Workshop

Point Park University theatre production and cinema majors learned first-hand how to make and simulate fake blood during a special effects and blood workshop on campus. The workshop was hosted by Tolin FX, an award-winning special effects and specialized design and fabrication studio in Pittsburgh.

"What surprised me about this workshop was how interactive it was," said MacKenzy Cline, B.F.A. in theatre production (stage-management) major from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts High School in Jacksonville, Fla. "We got to experiment with their equipment and I was chosen to get blasted by the blood cannon - it was an amazing experience!"

Mixing corn syrup, food coloring and laundry detergent, Tolin FX artists Mercedez Linke and Nick Buck made fake blood with the students, educating them on the various ways to use it in the industry to evoke an emotional response.   

"This demonstration has inspired me to look at writing and directing stories that use more visual effects because it can be done at a low cost and still look real," said Taylor Colbert, B.F.A. in cinema production major from Baldwin High School in Baldwin, Pa. "Thank you to Point Park for setting up this workshop and to Tolin FX for all they taught us. It was informative and a lot of fun to watch."

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