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Meet Christie Lewis, Ed.D.

Job Title & Employer
Education Programs and Field Placement Specialist, Act 48 Coordinator and Adjunct Professor, Chatham University
Leadership and Administration-Ed.D.
December 2018
Clintonville, Pa.
High School
Franklin Area Junior-Senior High School
Now Living In
Baldwin Township, Pa.
Hobbies & Interests
Camping, reading and spending time with family

"Numerous people told me that the Ed.D. program was an amazing and life-changing program — they were right."

Christie Lewis, Ed.D.

Tell us about your award-winning Ed.D. dissertation.

My phenomenological study examined the educational experiences of multiracial college graduates who grew up in low-income households. Six participants who self-identified as multiracial and who grew up in low-income households were interviewed.  

Four themes emerged after my data analysis: Adverse Race-Based Experiences, Othering, Caring Teacher and Visibility and Teacher Connection. The findings of my study revealed that low-income multiracial students share common adverse experiences based on race in educational settings and experience exclusion in education settings. Other relevant findings of my study revealed that low-income multiracial students' academic, and in some cases, personal life was positively impacted by a quality, caring teacher.

Finally, my study concluded that student visibility in curriculum and educational materials, as well as relationships and connections with teachers, are critical. As the findings of my study indicate, I feel it is essential to understand the needs of multiracial low-income students in educational settings as the demographics of the United States is changing.    

What factors made you choose our Ed.D. program?

The Ed.D. program in leadership and administration offered small-sized courses that were convenient for working professionals and for those individuals who have families. Courses were one night per week and this was extremely beneficial for a work-life-school balance. In addition, numerous people told me that the Ed.D. program was an amazing and life-changing program — they were right.

How have our doctoral education faculty impacted you?

The education faculty at Point Park helped me hone in, and gain confidence in my professional and leadership skills. The faculty are very student centered and truly care about their students.  

In what ways have your Point Park Ed.D. classes helped you in your career?

Point Park University was a catalyst to my career. The education and training I received was high quality and catapulted my reputation in the academic industry. In addition, the program opened up many opportunities to pursue different paths and opportunities in higher education.

Since graduating from Point Park, I have presented research at conferences, have been invited to speaking engagements, served on dissertation committees, served as a school board member and am being considered for a promotion to a full-time professor.

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