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Pictured is Point Park Instructor Mitchel Nickols, Ph.D. Photo submitted by Nickols.

Mitchel Nickols, Ph.D., part-time faculty member for the School of Education, Rowland School of Business and Department of Community Engagement at Point Park University, recently conducted a professional development session on the topic of implicit bias to more than 200 teachers and administrators in the Kiski Area School District.

Nickols is a diversity and sensitivity trainer and consultant for school districts and police departments throughout Western Pennsylvania.

He currently teaches the following courses at Point Park University:

  • Comparative Organizational Systems and Assessment and Evaluation of Decision Making and chairs dissertation committees (Ph.D. in community engagement program)
  • Cultivating Ethical Diversity, Research Writing, Dissertation Seminar and chair of dissertation committees (Ed.D. in leadership and administration program)
  • Ethical Leadership and Sustainable Organizations (MBA program)

Nickols is also an author and motivational speaker focused on diversity and inclusion. His latest book is titled, Paved: Passion, Attitude, Values, Energy and Determination.

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