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Meet Alex Vaughn

Major: B.S., Mechanical Engineering Technology
Expected graduation: 2018
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High school: Trinity Christian School

Why did you choose Point Park? 

Point Park University was close to home and I could afford coming here. Financial aid was a big draw for me. 

What do you like most about going to school in the city? 

The convenience. Everything I'd ever need is only 10 minutes walking distance and access to sports stadiums and concert halls makes it that much nicer and accessible .

Who is your favorite professor?  

Professor Opdyke in the NSET Department. He’s really just a college student at heart but a lot smarter than all of us, which makes him the perfect teacher.

What have you learned about yourself during your time as a Point Park University student?  

Exploring the possibilities and opportunities in a place like this lets you create who you want to be.

How did you adjust to life in the city when you first arrived on campus? 

I left the door to my room open and let anyone walk into my room to say hi. I also spent a lot of time out around the city and not just sitting on campus.

What activities are you involved in (both on-campus and off)?  

I got a seasonal job at the PPG Ice rink — the one that is a major part of Light Up Night. I told them I was a college student down here and could do whatever they needed, went in for an interview and got the job.

What advice would you give to an incoming student?

When you first get here, pack up a back pack with water and granola bars, walk out the front door and pick a direction and walk. Go explore the city!

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Photo by Victoria A. Mikula, junior mass communication major
Text by Jakob Como, senior multimedia major