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Meet Madison Krupp

Major: B.A., Journalism
Expected graduation: 2016
Whitehall, Pa.
High school: Baldwin High School
Honors: Alpha Chi National College Honor Society

Why did you choose Point Park? 

I chose Point Park for their impressive journalism program. It’s such a hands-on learning experience, which is what attracted me to it. I knew about the school from a young age since I used to be a dancer, and once I graduated it was one of the first places I looked into!

What makes going to Point Park for your major different from any other university? 

Again, I love how interactive the journalism program is. I got involved with The Globe my first semester here, and I’m now the features editor. There’s so much opportunity to get real experience. My professors work in their fields as well as teach, and I feel like I’m making connections here that I wouldn't get at other schools. Also, because the school isn’t huge, professors can get to know you and what you want to do. They check up on you, which is so nice.

Have you had any internships? What were your responsibilities at your internship?  

I’m currently an editorial intern at WHIRL Publishing. It’s my dream internship, and I love it! They’re always giving me something new to do. My responsibilities include conducting interviews, writing small articles, assisting with photo shoots, and helping our editor-in-chief with basically anything she needs. I landed the internship by visiting the Career Development Center to have my resume looked at. They helped me set up a LinkedIn account and perfect a resume, and it led to an interview and internship!

What activities are you involved with at Point Park (both on campus and off)? 

I’m currently the features editor for The Globe. This is my first semester as an editor, and I love the staff and everyone involved. It definitely takes a lot of time, so that is my primary involvement right now. Off campus, I’ve recently been doing some modeling with local Pittsburgh photographers. I just walked in Pittsburgh Fashion Week, and in November I’ll be modeling for a Make-A-Wish event! It’s a fun hobby, and something I never saw myself doing.

What changes have you noticed in yourself since moving to Pittsburgh?

I’ve learned how to do a lot for myself.  Since I commute to campus, I’ve become a pro at public transportation.  I’ve always lived in Pittsburgh, but I’ve learned my way around a lot better.  The city used to intimidate me, but now I can walk around and know exactly where I am!  

How has Point Park prepared you for your future career?  

Point Park has connected me to people in the journalism world. I love that my professors are so experienced and come from such great backgrounds, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

The school and its professors have helped me get my work out there and published. Because of that I can say that I have a pretty amazing resume. 

What is one thing that you learned during your freshman year?

The biggest thing I learned is just to participate.  I was terrified walking into The Globe’s office, but now I’m completely comfortable!  I’m so glad I stuck it out. It’s also a great way to make friends. You become really close with people that share your major.

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Photo by Victoria A. Mikula, junior mass communication major 
Text by Jakob Como, senior multimedia major

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